Friday, December 10, 2010

ThePunk75 Wins a Full Tilt Tourney – While T3chlady and Bigbrimar Cash in on Poker Stars

ThePunk75’s reports:

“On Sunday night I took down a 98 player MTT over at Full Tilt for 32x my buy-in.

It was a come from behind victory for me as at the start of the final table I was the short stack. Short stack is a little misleading as I still had around 20 BB so I could be patient and perhaps wait out some other players to butt heads and move up the pay scale.

Which is exactly what happened as two players quickly went out and with about 15 BB's left it was time to make a move. I got one double up but took a couple hits which brought my stack down to just over 10 BB.

With about 8k left and (33) UTG I push it all-in. Four players call (seriously) flop comes [83x]. One player bets out and gets one to fold and one caller. Turn comes another [3], Quads for me!. Same player bets out again and get a fold. At that time I’m thinking wouldn't it be sick if that player had (88). Well he did. A one-outer on turn quadrupled me up. Ouch! (TWSS).

Now I was top 3 in chips (but still 2-1 from chip leader) and ready to steam roll the others. At 4 players left I had (AJ) raised preflop a short stack reraised all-in and I called (AJ vs KQ) and rag board left me the chip leader with 2 more to go.

A couple hands later I raise preflop with (5d 4d) and BB calls. The flop comes [8d 4c 2d]. I bet out and BB just calls. Turn comes [6d] which gives me a flush draw plus double gutter straight draw. BB checks I bet out again he re-raises all in and I call. He has (AT) no draw or anything. River is a blank and my pair of 4's hold.

Heads up now and I have a 2-1 chip lead over the other player and it ended two hands later I had (KT), preflop raise and a call from BB and flop come [KQ10]. BB shoves on flop and I call. He has (QJ) and 10 outs. But the turn and river are blanks and my flopped two pair wins.

Congratulations Punk and thanks for the report!”

Meanwhile, over at PokerStars, T3chlady cashes in two tourneys, besting over 2000 players in one for a 22nd place finish and 8x her buy-in. Then she follows that up with a 15x buy-in cash besting over 3500 players! Way to go Lady!

And Bigbrimar is still making noise. He made a final table in a 360-player MTT finishing 9th. Nice job Brian!

Now, lets remember to get your RSVP’s into Faldo for the Heads-up tourney!


fourputt said...

If BigBri can do that well then there's hope for the rest of us!

BigBriMar said...

Sorry 4putt, no chance for you untill you take that apron off!!