Friday, December 03, 2010

The Community Card Review - XVI

In the Netherlands they have a concert promoter who came up with an idea to sell out his Summer Music Festival at $200 a ticket! And he did not discount a single ticket. That’s right, sold out at full price – in record time too.

He never told the customers the exact date of the concert, only the month. He never told them who would be performing or when.

In spite of his secrecy and his greed, he sold his Music Festival a full 10 months before the event!!!

What was his marketing strategy? Well, the government of this European nation gave it to him on a silver platter. You see, the government decided to levy a 40% tax on all concert and show tickets starting next year.

All the promoter did was to advertize that if music lovers wanted to save 40% on this event, buy the tickets now.

Some bought for the tax avoidance. Some bought as an investment to sell at a probably 20% profit later. Some bought as a protest to the upcoming tax increase in the first place.

Back in the U-SSR-SA under Obama, in the state of New York, cigarette taxes are the highest in the nation. It is already estimated that one-third of the cigarettes smoked in New York are black market purchased.

Organized crime and an underground economy is thriving because of the People’s Republic of New York tax policies and Democrats voted for by a majority of the citizens. Truth be known, 80% of those Democrat voters pay ZERO income tax at all.

What should be clear to everyone is that taxes force behavior changes. How many of you would play in a poker game with a 50% pot tax (rake)? 40%? 30%? 20%? 10%? How any liberal can play poker without their head exploding at the pure hypocricy of it all, is beyond me. Only liberals can do that. After all, the lucky and the most talented win the money. It should be too UNFAIR of a game to any liberal.

In spite of all of the evidence, their own experience at being expert tax cheats themselves, and the voters denouncing their polices in November, Democrat lawmakers and czars insist on raising taxes on all Americans at every turn.

Only the mentally ill Democrat voter and the dictatorial Democrat politician refuse to accept the fact that every single tax harms every single citizen to some degree.

Taxes are a necessary evil and should be applied with great thought and extreme reservation.

Democrats – and their voters are pure evil.


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Brian said...
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Brian said...

"Only the mentally ill Democrat voter..." Redundant, Faldo.

And what is with the pro-Stram worship by the Dummycraps who visit you, anyways?