Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Community Card Review – XVII

Black leaders showed up at the White House to meet with their half kin to discuss jobs…or the lack of them…for Black liberal urban communities. Forget the rest of the people and areas.

This meeting reeks of racism. I don’t remember Bush having meetings to discuss jobs for “only” white Texans. But, there I go making sense again. Liberals somehow are allowed to be racists and bigots.

The Urban League, Reverend Sharpton and the NAALCP (L – for liberal) wanted to know “What’s up Homie? Yo’, where’s the bling-bling for the Hood?”

They asked for more bailout money for minorities, targeting help for urban black areas with them in charge of dolling out the taxpayer money.

How about a “truth” bailout for the black communities? How about these truths?

Obama and the Democrats have had almost two full years with no resistance possible from the super-minority Republicans in Congress, to pass anything they wanted. And they have!

Still, there are no jobs – in the Hood, or anywhere else for that matter. We have had over a trillion dollars in spending by Democrats of all colors, and still – no jobs!

Another truth is that Obama, the Black Leaders and all other liberals, have no clue where jobs come from – and don’t want to learn either. They have no idea how business works or how jobs are created. They are simply agitators looking for a handout thru an extortion racket called Race Relations.

Another truth. Those of you sitting around waiting for Obama, Reverend Sharpton, Nancy Pelosi, the government or any Democrat to do something to make your life better; keep waiting.

They all will be worm food – and you will still be waiting. You see, liberalism-democrat-socialist-communism fails – every time it is tried.

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Brian said...

I saw the news last night, and apparantly Slick Willie took over a press conference on the tax cut deal so Obama could go to a Christmas party...say what?

I guess that's better that BHO went to a party, and not to go play hoops or something. :-\