Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Faldo Goes 0 for 6 – Setting Up Matches

A big night was on tap at NPP for the Heads Up Tourney with six matches scheduled at our usual night and time. Somehow Faldo found a way to screw it up (twss).

I had the tournaments there, but somehow did not send the tournament acknowledgement or the PASSWORD to 8 of the 12 players! It was either a email issue or a total malfunction of the “system” between Faldo’s chair and the computer keyboard. I vote for the latter and how it happened is still a mystery.

Faldo remembers typing the emails. What button he hit after that appears to be the question.

The other two matches were ready to go, but only one opponent for each tourney appeared. One’s internet went down AFTER registration, and the other never confirmed the tourney (email again?).

What a mess! And Faldo was not at his post on the email and chat to fix it. I thought I could take a Tuesday night off because of my careful attention to details and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Yeah, right!

Anyways, Sirgash got the Nixi44 and LittleRedElf match scheduled and I re-scheduled the Dert-63 and Wingsfancurt tilt. Thanks Sirgash, for salvaging what you could. The rest I am still working on.

Well, re-working on. Sorry folks. I had a system to make sure I completed each task for each tournament right up to the end – so I didn’t forget anything.

But somehow I


Anonymous said...

glad to hear all that! means I didn't forfeit.
I am a Fire inspector for 1 more month til I retire. And when they call, I go. Sorry cub. Do we get a make up? DD

Nik Faldo said...

U get a make up. Tigercub8189 does not want to take a forfiet.
Get us a new time and day DD!

Anonymous said...

Damn, look's like old age has set in on Faldo...

pre01 said...

When I was in desktop support (in the *early* days of computers ....), we coined a phrase - "PEBCAK". (Problem exists between chair and keyboard). Nuff said.

pre01 said...

Talk about 'PEBCAK', heheh. Hit the publish button too soon. Meant to add that I've done that so-o-o many times - as this last episode exhibits. Mike, thanks for all you do to keep the league running. It's been a lot of fun.