Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Faldo Challenge on Ultimate Bet

We have reached the half-way point of the Faldo Challenge. What follows is the report card.

Copying the challenge of Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, Faldo attempts to grow the $9 he had left in UB as high as he could in a year's time.

Chris Ferguson's challenge on Full Tilt was to grow $0 to $10,000 in a year. He made it in like 10 months, having first cashed in some freerolls.

Faldo is trying to beat this lame accomplishment. Let's see how Faldo is doing.

Faldo must wager at least $9 every month, in any form he chooses; ring, Sng or MTT's.

For December, Faldo wagered $10.54 to garner a net profit of $3.19.

Add this to the $25.94 that was the bankroll, and Faldo has the UB account up to $29.13

Who doe this Ferguson donkey think he is messin' with? Faldo is on the backstretch and poised to run him down.

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