Friday, December 17, 2010

Beerhog Wins a PokerStars Tourney and ThePunk75 Makes a Final Table

The NPP Stable continues to impress!

If you play at NPP, it cannot do anything but help your game. Where else can you play this guaranteed high level of competition every week for such a low price?

Beerhog spanks 990 players and wins 220 times his entry with his win.

Meanwhile, ThePunk75 sends in this report:

“I took 5th place (127 players) in a Pot Limit Omaha 1 rebuy - 1 add-on last Tuesday night after the NPP league game ended.

I was one of the short stacks at the final table but had enough to be patient and see if I could move up the money scale. A double KO quickly happened, but unfortunately that created two monster stacks with a 10-1 advantage over the rest of us.

It’s difficult enough to battle one mega stack, two was nearly impossible. I managed one double up, then had AJ109 raised preflop one monster stack called from BB flop come JJ6, I bet out, BB calls. Flop comes a 4 and there is enough in pot for me to shove and BB calls and shows AJ42, a turned full house, and the river is a blank.

With one rebuy and the add on, I won 6x my overall buy-in.”

Great job guys!

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Fourputt said...

It's just like Beerhog to be spanking people.