Thursday, November 11, 2010

ThePunk75 Takes 2nd in PokerStars NL Holdem – 6 handed Tourney

Take it away Punk!

“I had an all-nighter on Sunday. I entered a 500 max, 6 handed 4K Guar. tourney on PokerStars and had a pretty clean run to the final table and a 2nd place cash.

The cards didn't flow my way early on and I was down about a third of my stack kind of quick but pocket aces quickly revitalized my chip stack.

I probably had AA at least a half a dozen times and they held every time. In fact I was able to dodge the PS bad beat programmers for most of the tournament. I only suffered one suck-out of a turned set of 8's to my pockets 10's.

Also for most of the night I got all my chips in with the best hand, just once did I get them in bad with a turned two pair against a made straight but the board straightens on the river and I luckily settled for a chop.

I made my first giant jump in chips when there was around 18 players left I had (KsJs) and the board came [KT9] (two spades), all the chips ended up in the middle on the flop I and I was up against KQ, but a river [4s] gave me the winning flush and huge double up to well over 100K.

At around 9 players remaining with 450K in chips I had (AcJc) and raised to 45k (7.5-15k blinds) button called and the blinds folded flop comes [QcJc3h]. I bet out 55K, button pushes. I call. He shows AA and a turn straight draw gives me even more outs on river, but river is a blank and I’m left with about 120K in chips and about 10 blinds.

But some aggressive preflop shoves get me the blinds and antes and some breathing room. I doubled right back up to 400 K with a rivered straight a couple hands later.

Final table finally comes with the final 6 and I am 2-3 in chips. A knockout of the first two players gives me the chip lead at about 650K. Got to heads play down a little over 2-1 in chips - his 1 million to my 450k. But I was able to grind him down and eventually took over the chip lead after about 20 minutes of play.

But a flopped straight against my top pair doubled him up and the cards went cold. It ended when I flopped an opened ended straight draw with (34) and his top pair Jack held to my all in after the flop [J25]. 2nd place was worth 67 times my buy in."

Great job Punk! Faldo needs to do this.......very soon!


BigBriMar said...

Good job Punk, nice to see pocket Aces hold up for someone.

Anonymous said...

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Proud Dem said...

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You are welcome.

Nik Faldo said...

Proud Dem??
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Anonymous said...

WTG Punk! Your game just keeps improving. 67 X entry is nice. DD

Anonymous said...

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