Wednesday, November 03, 2010

PokerStars is the Toughest Site by FAR!

I may not play at nose bleed limits. I may not make it to the WSOP in Vegas, and I may not show up on television on the World Poker Tour. I may not win the WCOOP’s, the FTOPS or the UB Challenges. Heck, I rarely qualify for the qualifiers for those events.

But I have played a lot of low limit poker on many, many internet poker sites. I have played on probably twenty sites that don’t even exist anymore. I have played on a few dozen more that are still around, but don’t accept US players anymore. I currently rotate thru eleven poker sites that still accept US players.

I play limit, pot limit and no-limit ring game action. I play sit-n-go tournaments and I play multi-table tournaments. I play Holdem, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo, HORSE and even Badugi. I have done this on nearly every site I have played on.

After many months - in hours - of ring action, and playing in thousands of tournaments - from nine player tournaments to 14,000 player events, I think I am uniquely qualified to offer the following opinion:

PokerStars has the toughest players on the internet.

I may stink as a poker player, but I supplement that by being one of the best bankroll managers around.

As such, I find PokerStars the absolutely toughest site to squeeze out a profit on.

If you are only playing on PokerStars, and are getting pounded – you may want to give another site a try.

I love PokerStars. It is the best site. But, unfortunately, I have found it to be the toughest site to win at. The fact that I am a donkey, not withstanding.


k9isapuppy said...

i have a profit in sng on poker stars but i too find it frustrating that it is hard to win here. especially aginst eastern european players...i think they have a unique advantage or set up.

Nik Faldo said...

Have you seen their women????? Let them at least win at poker.

k9isapuppy said...

they kill their eyesight thru ice cold VODKA