Sunday, November 28, 2010

Niks Poker Palace – The Home of Exciting Poker Action

Matchy has stopped playing on line, but has taken over as the NPP Live Action Game Manager. Averaging about a game a month, it has turned into quite an event. Beers brought, pizza ordered, chips purchased and all consumed and passed around.

Faldo, Bo, Boother36, Marc, 7Jokers, Tim2, Matchy, Artic1blast and DaveE rounded out the field.

We had seven for the tournament and nine at the peak for the .25 - .25 $40 buy-in NL game of “HOPE”. HOPE is Holdem, Omaha, Pineapple Holdem and omaha hi-lo Eight qualifier.

7Jokers (yes, our NPP Tourney winner) and Marc (PS name to follow) split the tourney win. Ring play followed for a good six hours before an “about even” Faldo called it a night. Another great game held and hosted.

And the internet league fight for the final seats in the NPP Final is as about as exciting as it can get. With just two rounds left, 12 players still have a chance to win the last seat. In addition, three players are in the hunt for the one – or two – at large seats also.

In the category of “Odd Twists”, Theedouble*d is trying to win the 4th quarter seat on his own. But, if he can’t get there, he has to hope Suetman1 or ThePunk75 win it. Then he can claim the last of two at-large seats.

Unfortunately for Theedouble*d, Meatsword, Absea98, Derf-63, T3chlady and Odds2win777, Rjmech, Tigercub8189, Wingsfancurt and Douge2 all can make things difficult for him.

Monday Night Football and Tuesday Night NPP. Life is good!

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Matchy said...

I finished up exactly $1, won $21 in cash and lost $20 in the tourney. I had a great time and look forward to seeing you guys again soon. Other local npp'ers are welcome.

You may see me on p-stars this winter!