Saturday, November 06, 2010

Matchy Hosted Another Great Game

Matchy made the call and the players responded. We had seven for the early tournament, and eight at the peak of the cash game.

Dave E, Duder1123, Matchy, Boother36, ArticBlast1, Mikeniks-Faldo and new players Aaron and Mark made the line up. And we even had a few players that wanted to be there, but just couldn’t. This should bode well for future Matchy games.

Aaron and Mark are college students at Eastern Michigan, who – by the style and savvy of their play – are obviously majoring in poker. They have a weekly game in Ypsi and the pots grow massive there, from what I heard.

I am pretty sure Aaron and Mark chopped the tourney prize and Dave E was the big winner in the cash game from all appearances.

Great guys, a good time and hopefully I added some NPP readers and players to the group.


M Hedrick said...

Thanks for showing me your blog! Look forward to playing in future games.


Nik Faldo said...

Thanks Marc. Introduce EMU to NPP - and the Tuesday night tourney!

Anonymous said...

Good job hosting Chesky. Good time was had by all, including myself!!


Matchy said...

I had a great time as well, and will be hosting more in the future. I will also make sure to give some advance notice, one of my common errors in trying to get a game. Anyone who is interested in heading out to Marc's let me know, he has a good rake free action filled game pretty much every friday at 7. I have been probably 6 times already and find it a good, fun challenge with nice people (and no rake!).