Monday, November 01, 2010

NPP’er Cashing On-line Also

T3chlady did well in a $35,000 Full Tilt tournament:

T3chlady says, “I used a Step 3 ticket to enter this event, winning 35 times the entry.
Last hand my KJ lost to J8 when the opponent hit an 8.”

Pre01 files this report from some PokerStars action: “I had a little success recently. At a two table, 18 person SnG, I came in 1st. Won x6 my buy in!

Simultaneously playing a 9 table, 90 person SnG, I came in 10th – just missing the final table – but doubled my buy in. Also came in 70th on a free roll with 1006 starting players. Won a little.”

Faldo, still trying to recover emotionally from the bubble at PPL, I entered a one-table SNG On BoDog Poker and quickly saw my KK lose to a flush draw that hit.

This leaves me with only 200 chips and a full table of opponents, all with 1300 chips or more. The blinds were still at 10 / 20, fortunately. In Beerhog fashion, I battled back and won it!

That helped my confidence a ton.

Maybe I go back to PPL for the Thursday Night Tourney at 7pm.


BigBriMar said...

Nice job Mike, just what the doctor ordered!!

fourputt said...

Nicely done!

Beerhog has taught you well.