Thursday, September 01, 2011

Football!......and THIS is on the Horizon....FYI

We had a nice warm summer....but I remember shoveling A LOT of global warming last winter...and probably will have to this winter.


Anonymous said...

But what about Al Gore is saying?

Anonymous said...

My fellow environmentalists. Al Gore here!

Recent reports about my purchase of Carbon Credits from a company I own to offset my personal carbon footprint, has caused some to question my true beliefs in the causes of Global Warming.

Rest Assured that any profits from the credits I purchase to offset my energy use, will go directly into being able for me to purchase....more energy.

This will require me to purchase even more Carbon Credits.

My computer models have shown that this approach will cool the Earth .065 degrees by the year 2068. But to do it even faster, I need your help!

To help cool the Earth even faster, send donations to my Albert Gore Jr. Utility Fund today, and help me purchase even more Carbon Credits. Thank you.