Thursday, September 08, 2011

Faldo Finished 7th in World Sports Exchange Freeroll

Bigbrimar showing another great hobby out there on Long Lake near Alpena. Nice smallmouth bass there, Bri!

World Sports Exchange is still open to US players for poker. It is a sports book site with a poker room. Not much traffic on the poker site, but that is not why I am not playing for money there. I cannot find an easy way to get money to the site. I never could even before Black Friday.

The situation there is the same as it is at Poker4Ever – very little bling in this site, so I am playing in only the freerolls.

I probably would not put money in there right now given the current banking situation, but if I could safely – I would.

The tourney had 141 entries. My big break came when my (JJ) ran into (QQ), but I flopped a [J].

I got another break - this time from the competition - when I moved in with (Ad Qd) and got called by some big stacks holding (KT) and (Ac6c). I held on and tripled up!

After making the final table, my luck ran out. I had to go with (Kc Js) on a flop of [3h Ks 7h] and I was called by a (Kh 8h). The villain made his flush.

I’m losing to flushes at final tables lately. The ghost of Theedouble*d strikes again!

Faldo will probably stay away from the casinos, poker rooms and live poker games until after the New Year. I’ll just have to make due with a few freeroll tourneys and play chip SNG’s on-line for my poker fix for the rest of 2012.

Faldo is planning a return to the tournament chess circuit for the fall of 2011. Weather and tournament schedules will determine whether it is golf, chess or football watching. I will sprinkle in some on-line poker in there somewhere.

This plan will require brushing up on chess opening and endgame theory, not to mention some on – line and computer practice games.

Now I have a new problem of what to do with all my spare time.


Woody Stiffens said...

Consider spending your spare time on learning to treat females as EQUALS and not "things" for you to post pictures of, leer at, make fun of, etc.

Anonymous said...

wonder if fourputt was also in the Hot Tub!!!!