Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Community Card Review - You Are to Blame

Don't look now, but that is your nation outside the right side of the plane.

Obama says you are to blame. You are, but not for the reasons he says. You are to blame for either voting Democrat or not preventing people from voting Democrat.

The reason this nation is in debt is that the people of the United States have been irresponsible.

For a host of reasons, they have ignored the SUPER debt spending and taxing of the Democrats and the debt spending of the Republicans.

The reasons the voters have done this is a whole other matter, and a different article.

Liberalism (socialism - communism) is the reason we are in the situation we are in. Pure and simple.

From the decline in morality (drugs, sex, abortion and - yes - gambling) to the wealth re-distribution models (welfare, food stamps, unemployment insurance, social security, Medicare, growth in government), to the decline in education and work ethic (unions, main stream media, climate change hoax and pushing the communist agenda).

It all has it's base in liberalism. The hippies of the 60's are running this nation and have for about 20 years.

Look back on what those people were then to understand why we are where we are now. Liberalism is destroying this nation ....and it is on purpose.

Obama tells us - after he gave trillions away to federal, state and automotive unions - that we, the taxpayer have to learn to live within our means. Then proposes another half - trillion of spending we don't have - while adding taxes that if collected won't come close to covering the cost.

As a side note, if the Democrats could collect EVERYTHING - which they would if they could - it would pay for our government for about 3 months. Then we would be broke ...again, and no one would have anything left to take.

Our media knows this and reports …..nothing.

Obama says the reason our nation is in debt is because 'the rich' have not paid their fair share. He says the rich have dodged the tax system and therefore are the scofflaws responsible.

This is a barefaced lie, easily proven false, and only the Kool-aid drinking useful idiot liberals belief it anyway.

Our media knows this and reports …..nothing.

A full 86% of the federal taxes are paid by 2% of the population and 50% of the people in this country pay $0 income tax and instead get a "refund" on money they did not even pay in (Earned Income Credit).

Our nation suffers from a spending problem by our government with the root cause being a VOTING problem by our citizens. We get the government we deserve.

After our Constitution was finalized, a woman asked Benjamin Franklin what type of government we had. He stated, "It is a republic, if we can keep it."

Thomas Jefferson predicted our republic would last just 200 years as "it is natural for democracies to morph into dictatorships as soon as the citizenry realizes they can vote the money out of their neighbor's pocket." The Democrat model to be sure. We will barely outlive his prediction.

If you have ever voted Democrat you have the biggest share of the blame for this. If you have always voted Democrat, you are the problem and you are the traitor to this nation. If you have always voted Democrat, then YOU should be paying the most in taxes. You should be over - paying your taxes.

If paying more taxes is the road to utopia, then YOU should be leading the way and giving every extra penny to the government. Show us the way! Live as you want us all to live.

Ah, but liberals never seem to do that. Environmentalists fly to their meetings in corporate jets and take limos to the conference. Income tax hawk liberals already have made or inherited their wealth. Wealthy Hollywood donate their "time" and "name" but never cash.

Obama wants to punish the people who make too much.

I want to punish the people who elected Democrats. Obama thinks the rich have destroyed this nation and wants them punished with taxes. I think the Democrats have done that, so tax them. Democrats vote to raise "other people's taxes", well, let's vote to raise Democrat's taxes.

Regardless of who we tax, we don't have enough money to pay for our debt this way. The only solution is to stop the spending.

We can only do that by removing every Democrat from office and then holding every Republican responsible to fix it this time. If they don't do it, we are either sunk or a third party has to start winning elections.

A revolution is coming - either in the way we vote and how we pick candidates - or the other type. We have only one shot remaining at this.

This nation cannot survive another Democrat president or Congress - EVER!

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