Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Community Card Review – Unions Are Worse Than Jihad Muslims

Unions are the enemy within America - that are Americans. That is what is so insidious about them.

Funny how they are not out in front of the White House with their 'rent-a-mob' with a Democrat living in there.

President of the Teamsters Jimmy Hoffa, Jr., tells the President of the United States that – he, the President – has at his disposal, an army of union members ready to “Take out these son of a bitches!”

The ‘son’s a bitches’ Hoffa wants to take out -

I presume in a more public way than his father was taken out by Jimmy Jr.'s bosses - are the Tea Party. The Tea Party are the people of the United States of America that want our government to return to following the Constitution and a Judeo-Christian capitalist system.

The people who do not want their children’s children paying for the debt of Barack Hussein Obama. Many Tea Party people are forced to be union members. So Hoffa wants thousands of his own union 'brothers' taken out also.

The President of the United States then smiled and shook hands with this despicable piece of human debris. Obama praised Hoffa in his speech. It was one piece of debris shaking hands with another piece of debris.

The Democrat Party is nothing but a collection of communist thugs only interested in power. Little Jimmy Hoffa Jr. is now a spokesmen for the people that murdered his father. This is proof positive of total lack of decency in liberals.

Liberals will join with the lowest forms of life for the sake of liberalism, the power over others, and the cushy lifestyle it gives them.

Let’s be honest here. Jimmy Hoffa Jr. sells out his father and works with his father’s killers, so he doesn’t have to do any real work in his life. Pathetic.

These types of people are the Democrat Party. Traitors (Sean Penn), Racist preachers (Reverend Wright), domestic terrorists (William Ayres), communists (Bill King – UAW) and USA haters (Michelle Obama).

Has anyone considered the irony of unions and the Democrat Party celebrating Labor Day in front of a company they both destroyed in a city they both destroyed?

Nothing, and I mean nothing, epitomizes the destruction of lives and the abject pain and poverty that Democrats and unions have caused the people of this nation at General Motors and the City of Detroit. Detroit – at over 15% - has the highest unemployment rate in the NATION, even with the cooked statistics the Democrat Party puts out.

Detroit is as good a place as any for liberals to celebrate the success of organized labor - since there are not any in the first place.

How well does the alliance of government and organized labor work? Look at Detroit. Look at Chicago. Look at Toledo.

Look at Michigan. Look at California.

Look at our failed education system. Look at the cost of a college education. Look at our dependence of foreign oil. Look at the businesses and jobs driven out of this country.

Open your eyes and look!

Then get ready for the civil war that is coming. Don’t want to fight? Too bad, they are coming for you anyway and your money and freedom.

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Nik Faldo said...

I wish to state for the record that I am not anti-union worker.

I am anti-union bosses and anti- union worker supporter. The former is a crook or communist and the latter is ignorant and needs to know the truth - or is a useful idiot for the left.

Google 'useful idiot'.