Sunday, September 11, 2011

There is no better example of liberal weakness and utter failure than the site of the New York 9/11 attack. Bill Clinton caused it by his weakness in foreign policy admitted Bin Laden himself.

And ten years later, there is still nothing more at the site but a hole in the ground - which liberals can't tell their asses from.

A free market capitalist system would have re-built the towers - bigger, better and in record time!

But the companies and jobs used it as an excuse to leave New York for lower taxes. The truth is New York doesn't need that office space anymore. Any business that can flee liberal cities and the liberals running them, does.

And now a paid advertisement Faldo rejected - on the ten year anniversary of the worst main land attack by a foreign enemy:

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end of advertisement -


Anonymous said...

That attack happened on Bush's watch.

Don't talk smack about Clinton. The economy was roaring and we had a budget surplus.

Nik Faldo said...

The reason for the attack and the planning of the attack took place under Clinton. Osama said so.

Clinton's budget was the result of the Republican House of Representatives keeping him from doing what Obama WAS doing before the Republicans re-took the House.

Get your facts straight. The House makes and approves budgets. Clinton had no shot to bring in socialism/communism like Obama - or he would have.

The gridlock of the Clinton's 8 years of doing nothing allowed businessmen to work within the frozen rules and make money, jobs and therefore tax revenues, which with the less spending - lowered the deficit.

FDR - socialist, saved by WWII. LBJ - socialist, murderer, crook and idiot, Carter - socialist and lazy inactive ditherer, Clinton - lazy playboy statesman, Obama - American hating communist.

Every time you elect a Democrat you are doing a treasonous act against the United States. Pure and simple.