Sunday, September 04, 2011

The Community Card Review - Once Upon an America

As I sit out on my deck watching a light drizzle while having my morning coffee, I wondered just how many great mornings like this my country and I have left. Because…

Once upon an America,

You could buy whatever light bulb you wanted. The government left the decision about lights in your own home up to you and the manufacturers of light bulbs. It worked.

Nobody complained about holiday decorations, or where the America flag could be flown, or even wondered if “under God” was Constitutional or not. It worked.

Kids didn’t learn about sex in school. Parents, teachers and principals handled school bullies, kids graduated knowing how to read, write and do math. They could even read their diplomas – that didn’t contain spelling errors. And teachers were not more interested in union rallies and political indoctrination than teaching. It worked.

We didn’t have to define what marriage was, what a family was or what the meaning of “is” is. It worked.

It was illegal to be here illegally. There were no sanctuary cities, only American cities. It worked.

You could buy a piece of land and keep it until you decided to sell it, and the government would not force you to sell it to preferred developers who donated to the Democrat Party. That was – and still is, but ignored – law of the land. It worked.

You could fly the friendly skies without being groped or the government taking a nude picture of you first. Those in charge of security actually focused on potential troublemakers – not on toddlers, nuns and 90-year old grandmothers. It worked.

Some women enjoyed being whistled at. Some thought it was rude. But nobody thought it was grounds for a lawsuit. It worked.

The government did not tell you how much healthcare you could afford or how much your doctor would be paid, because you paid for it yourself, and it worked.

The government didn’t force banks to lend money to people who couldn’t pay it back. Real Estate was a solid investment. It worked.

The government didn’t decide what companies could fail and which ones got propped up for political donations. The people who bought things and used services decided all that. It worked.

The government did not own car companies or told you what cars to buy. It worked.

The government wouldn’t dare tell an American company where they can build a new plant, because they figured the company knew best – which they did. It worked.

The government did not dictate what could be in your favorite food or the method it was to be cooked in. Trans-fats were not outlawed. Popcorn had butter, and food tasted great. It worked.

We were proud of our independence from government because we could manage our own affairs without government help. It worked.

The First Lady would not dare tell you what your children should eat. And it worked.

The President of the United States didn’t tell you that your grandmother should just take a pain pill instead of getting a life saving operation. But that was before government took over the medical field, provided school breakfasts, school lunches, school dinners. And it worked.

The President didn’t abuse interns and the First Ladies were proud of their country before their husband got the nomination for president, and the First Family’s preacher said “God bless America” instead of “God damn America.” It worked.

Attempting to blow up the Pentagon would have meant a life sentence, not a ticket to the inner circle of the President. It worked.

Anyone writing a song glorifying the killing of cops would have been vilified. Not invited to the White House for a Culture Night celebration. It worked.

A company could hire or fire you based on your performance. Not on how well you met a quota system designed to keep government off its back. It worked. And people worked.

So how about now in America? Has liberalism worked?


Anonymous said...

If you have tomorrow off - THANK A LIBERAL!

Nik Faldo said...

If you have no job, but are paying twice the price for a gallon of gas than you did 2 and a half years ago - THANK A LIBERAL!

Cigar4John said...

THANK A LIBERAL and meet them there in the Killing Fields.

Anonymous said...

Obama: New jobs plan includes rebuilding roads, bridges
Marisa Schultz and Rob Snell/ The Detroit News
Detroit— President Barack Obama on Monday hinted he would unveil an infrastructure plan later this week to repair and rebuild roads and bridges across the country in a bid to put people back to work and jumpstart the economy.
Obama, speaking for about 25 minutes to thousands of workers during a Labor Day speech in Detroit, said he would disclose more details Thursday in a speech to Congress.
"We've got roads and bridges across the country that need rebuilding," Obama said. "We've got private companies with equipment and manpower. We've got more than 1 million unemployed construction workers ready to get dirty. There is work to be done and workers to do it. We just need Congress to get on board."
Obama's afternoon speech to thousands of union members outside General Motors' world headquarters in the Renaissance Center follows the annual Labor Day parade. Many chanted, "Obama," and, "Four more years."

Anonymous said... the hell is he (or should I say me)gonna pay for this "great idea"?? Sure the work needs to be done, and sure lots of people would love to go back to work to build that stuff but come on, more debt?? WTF!!!

Anonymous said...

More lazy ass union workers getting overpaid for their underskilled labor.