Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Review of USA On-line Poker Sites Still Available to Americans

The fact I have to write this under these conditions saddens me to no end. More than the double gasoline prices since the Dictators took over the White House.

Posted on the right side of the blog are the sites still open for US (us) players. I thought I would share my experience with those sites. I have played at them all. They are in the order of my preference.

Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker
If you still have cash on these sites, you can still sit down and play. If not, you can’t. You also can’t cash out. Pathetic, but I digress.

This still offers the most options and levels of play. You are just going to wait to collect your profits.

BoDog Poker
BoDog is probably the safest site still available. Their main business is being a sports book. If they don’t pay, their business is dead. It is the only site I would consider sinking any heavy amount of money in.

Traffic is light at the cash and tournament tables. But sit-n-goes seem to fill up quick enough. I like the SNG’s because the “beginners SNG’s” pay five of the 10 seats. Cash games go as high as $30 – 60, but the action seems solid at $1 – 2. Tournaments are usually below 100 total entries.

Cake Poker
I think this site is ok, but they lost a lot of players when Doyle Brunson left for the True Poker skin. But they may have made a comeback now. This is a solid #2 in my book, but their SNG’s didn’t seem to fill. But the tournament action is good. No experience with their cash games, but there are ten seats at the tables.

World Poker Exchange
I love this site and it is also has the money protection of being a sportsbook. My issue is I have not set up a way to fund this account. I’m sure it can be done, but I have not put forth the effort to do it. I may have to now.

If there was an easy way to fund it, I would put it right behind BoDog and ahead of Sportsbook Poker (if you moved them).

I am doing a “Faldo Challenge” on this site also, having free-rolled some cash into my “zero” starting account. I will take that money and play some cash tourneys in December to see if I can really “build” it up.

Sportsbook Poker (aka Carbon Poker, Players Choice and a few other names)
Again, I would go with the Sportsbook skin as your money is also in a sportsbook account. I could make a case for this site being above Cake Poker, but I just don’t like the software. But if you don’t mind it, you can safely move it up my list to behind BoDog. Sportsbook does have a rep for being slow to pay however.

This site has a ton of freerolls if you like those. But they don’t have a lot of traffic (yet). Tournaments are just about all turbo and the freerolls are super-turbos. My experience with their cash games has been profitable, but again, not a lot of players.

True Poker (also Doyle’s Room and a few other names)
Low number of players, tournaments don’t fill and are not plentiful, and SNG’s are very slow to fill. Cash action is light but you can find tables. Payouts have never been a problem. But I have seen some collusion on the site and no action taken by management.

Don’t take the rankings as all that. If on a scale from 1 to 10, I have to give BoDog a 10, then Cake, Sportsbook and World Poker Exchange are an 8, Poker4ever and True Poker is a 6.

Check them all out and pick the one you like the best.


Brian said...

Faldo, and (same skin) are not accepting new U.S. players as of May 1st...I would stay away from these sites.

Bodog or any of the Merge Network (Carbon Poker, Lock Poker, etc) sites look to be the best options for now. I am guessing the cash games at Bodog are not as soft as it was in, say, 2007...I miss those days.

Nik Faldo said...

Its amazing how the US government can flex muscles and shut down poker playing for citizens, but is powerless to get cheap gas to market.
Especially when oil is more plentiful and a great tax revenue producer.
But it is not about tax revenue. It is about power over ex-citizens.