Sunday, April 03, 2011

Douge2’s Poker Tourney… a Friendly Event

Douge2 threw a home tourney last night. Three tables of family, friends and a few NPP – and non- NPP ringers thrown in.

Representing NPP was Douge2, Faldo, LittleRedElf, Rjmech, T3chlady and Thai Food.

BYOB, but the menu included Sloppy Doug’s, venison bruschetta, cheese and sausage, chips and brownies. I’m probably missing some stuff, but you get the idea. It was great!

The tourney was a $40 buy-in with unlimited re-buys until the 4th level. The blinds were 25 minutes long and at certain times in the tourney, we were all pretty deep-stacked.

The tourney lasted over seven hours – minus a few breaks thrown in. Faldo won it (most chips when down to two) but offered a cash split to end it early. Rjmech finished 3rd.

NPP will have a tourney event soon at a poker room TBD as soon as the golf courses – and Faldo – thaw out a little!

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