Friday, April 22, 2011

The Community Card Review – XXVII

Happy Earth Day! And we have reason to give thanks. Lord knows it was not easy to overcome the odds, but somehow mankind is still here.

Since the first Earth Day was celebrated 41 years ago, humans on this planet have faced death – due to our own very existence and living our lives. But somehow, we are still here.

In 1968, we dodged the Population Bomb when leftist professor Paul Ehrlich said that due to over-population our Earth would run out of all resources by 2010 if we did not start massive sterilization and death panels to weed out the unnecessary among us (I assume that would be anyone who disagreed with him and other Democrats). To our peril we did not heed his warning, but we are still here.

In 1973, some scientists told us that if we did not stop burning wood, coal, fossil fuels and slow the world's manufacturing growth, our pollution of the air would cause a great Ice Age by the 1990’s. By a miracle, we dodged that bullet.

In 1988, the great Oceanographer – oh, and actor – Ted Danson said that by the year 2000, the oceans would be dead due to our polluting them, and as a consequence we would be dead also. But somehow the oceans made it, in spite of all the oil spills even the great scientist, “Sam Malone” could not foresee.

We also have dodged death by acid rain, a hole in the Ozone layer and “global warming” as we wait out a very cold spring here in Michigan.

These same leftists have now changed the story to “Climate Change”. A convenient dodge as now – no matter what the weather – they can scream, “See! See! Capitalism is killing mankind.”

But let’s celebrate this 41st Earth Day the best way we can. Buy an SUV and fill it up with high octane gas and leave it running all day. Or cut down a tree, make something useful with it and burn the scraps in a bonfire.

Or just have a cookout and burn lots and lots of charcoal. Then have a cigar or a cigarette and blow smoke rings to the heavens.

Better yet, have some sex and add to the population.

We’ve earned it. After all, we have survived our nation’s actual true natural disaster - these crazy liberals, socialists and communists, to this point. But now eradicating them (I mean politically of course) may be our only real salvation.

But for now, have a party. We are still here.


Stram said...

Pure hot air. Read Stram's blog for the real truth.

Anonymous said...

stram is gay......

I would know...


Anonymous said...

Global cooling or global climate change