Wednesday, April 20, 2011

NPP Visits the Shark Club in Howell

Faldo left the Sharks Club early to throw his laptop out the window. Even though this was a live game on Tuesday night instead of on-line, some habits take a while to break.

But enough about me (not that the public is not crying for more) - as we have the full story from Pre01 and T3chlady with an excellent reports:

Pre01: “I made it past the second break. Down to two tables. About 35K in chips, blinds 1500.

Big blind with a 5-7 hearts, couple of callers, checked through. Flop of 5-7-10 one diamond. 6K bet got two callers. J diamond comes up, I bet 6K again.

One fold and an all in. I figured the all in for either an overpair or a straight draw. I called the all in with about 3K in chips left. He had a Q-8 diamonds. K diamonds hit the river.

I lost 32K chips in that hand. Should have pushed all in after the flop to chase him off. Duh.

Folded out a couple of hands, then got an A-4 clubs, put in my last 3K. Missed everything until the river when I hit a 4. Lost to a pair of 10’s. I finished 17th, and bummed I didn’t make the final table.

LRE had been out since second break and was at a cash game. Tech lady was still alive on the other table. Hope she made the final table.”

Now for T3chlady:

“Well it wasn’t NPP and it wasn’t the same, but five of the NPP players tried their hand at the local live version of “Rush Poker” at the Shark Club in Howell. They were Mikeniks-Faldo, LittleRedElf, Pre01, Fourbetbluff and me, T3chlady.

[Ed Note: T3chlady did not meet or see Fourbetbluff. Maybe 4Bet will chime in with his thoughts.]

The Shark version of Rush Poker is to have a single big blind and to call the clock on any delay in action. Interesting and different. I haven’t quite made up my mind yet. We were told that they eliminated the small blind because they did not want any chopped pots. Initial stack was $9800 with one addon for $10/10K.

Regarding calling the clock --- they did this to make sure the game went quickly and nobody was their beyond last call. The tournament directors said that a normal Tuesday tournament with Rush poker ended around 11.

I can say that it ended a lot sooner for all of us.

Faldo was the first to feel the throngs of a bad beat when on the 3rd dealt hand, got AA and watched them get cracked.

Next to go was LittleRedElf when his AA hit trips on the flop. By the river, his opponent was one card away from a straight or flush and, of course, hit a J to make the straight. Brutal.

After that, Pre01 ended his night (after having one of the bigger stacks and looking promising). When I asked him what happened, he said “All Bad”

So, I was left to carry the torch, but when I raised with 88 UTG and got two callers, one whom I put on Ax and the other being SS on the button I really thought I had the best hand --- What was I thinking???

Button pushed, I called, third party folded (AK) and my 88 was up against AA. Good grief! I thought that SS buttons were not allowed to have a good hand. I was seriously crippled and went out next hand. (I was the second SS at the table --- same old stuff).

So be it. Rain and cold. All was normal.

We had fun and hope to play with some more NPP players soon. Watch for a game at my house before summer arrives.”

Thank you for the excellent report folks!

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pre01 said...

It took me a number of hands to get used to the 'rush' part of the tourney, but it's not so bad, especially with no small blind. I'm thinking that I'll play one Tuesday every month up there to replace our online games, maybe the second or third week each month. OK, so it'll cost $30/mo for that one game vs. $22 for four online games, but playing live does have some advantages. It was great to meet t3chlady and LRE in person. Next time NPP players meet at the final table!!!