Thursday, April 07, 2011

Bad Luck – It Happens, So Some Tips to Deal With It

These articles are to help every poker player out there – but also to “heal thy self!”

Blaming forces beyond our control is often easier than taking responsibility for our own actions and holding ourselves accountable for the results we receive.

So you flopped six or seven flush draws in a row and they didn’t pan out. Whom should you blame - the dealer, the cards, the casino or website itself? All of them make good targets. After all, they cannot prove they didn’t do it.

But that is inconsequential. You are the poker player, the man at the switch, the engineer driving the train, the pilot, the guy with the compass plotting the course. And if you end up somewhere you’d rather not be, there are only two things that could of gone wrong. Either you screwed up or you got unlucky and it is no one’s fault. And as far as a turn of a card is concerned, neither you nor anyone else has any control over that – as long as the game is on the up and up.

If you have made all the right decisions, you can absolve yourself of blame. After all if the pot odds exceed the odds of making your hand, calling or raising is the right decision –whether you win or lose that particular hand.

If you lose that time or six of seven times in a row after that – it is no one’s fault. Poker has an element of chance ingrained in every part of the game. No one can change that, and it does no good to blame anyone for bad fortune dictated by the turn of a card. Railing against randomness does about as much good as bare-knuckle punching a brick wall.

Do yourself a favor and assume you are the problem. Even if it is not true, at least this assumption leads you down the path to corrective action. If you refuse to look at yourself as the reason you are not doing well, you may never discover the leak in your game. You may continue to make the same error time and time again.

KEY POINT: If losing due to bad luck kills you, then lower your stakes. Make it a non-painful as possible. Continue to play your best game, continue to study and improve and the cards will eventually reward your hard work.

Money saved when running badly, spends exactly the same as money won when running well.


Anonymous said...

Federal spending insanity

Billions, trillions … whatever comes next for the federal budget. It’s all quite beyond any of us to grasp the size of the wildly out-of-control spending train in Washington, D.C. Sometimes it seems like those folks don’t live in the same reality as the rest of us.

So we brought the numbers to the most local level — a family in Sarasota County — to show the insanity of what has been going on and continues to go on with our future.

We took the median family income for Sarasota County and showed what household spending would look like if it mirrored the federal government’s attitude toward spending. It tells a striking tale.

In the chart below, family “income” represents this year’s federal budget revenues; “spending” represents federal expenditures; “credit card” debt represents the federal debt; and “cuts” are the tiny reductions Republicans are desperately trying to get through in the current year’s spending. The “new spending” level is what the ever-so-slightly improved mess would look like if Republicans prevail.

The result? If a Sarasota family making $41,957 spent like the feds, it would spend $62,600 this year while carrying $251,742 in credit-card debt. Further, the more responsible spouse among the two — which is not saying much in our example — is trying to cut $1,058, so the family is only spending $61,542. But the other spouse is fighting that cut as unaffordable.

This is what is going on in Congress.

The Republicans are trying to cut $60 billion, which equates to that $1,058 for our family, and the Democrats and President Obama are fighting it at every step.

They are only up for a paltry $10 billion in cuts, which equates to $176 in our family budget. This is the context in which to listen to the Democrats calling proposed budget cuts “extreme.”

They can’t see even to slow the insanity, preferring to play re-election politics over the good of the nation.
The numbers make the case, and show why doing the right thing must get our support at the polls.

Income Spending Credit card Cuts New spending
$41,957 $62,600 $251,742 $1,058 $61,542
Sources: U.S. GAO, U.S. Census Bureau, Sarasota Observer

Anonymous said...

I found this article in the Sarasota observer. It really puts it into perspective.

If you can read this and still believe that anyone in Washington has a brain in their head you need yours examined....


Nik Faldo said...

I blame the voters.....the Democrat voters.
I blame women.....women voters who don't think....just feel.
I blame men who vote Democrat...weak, stupid, lazy, crazy, communist or traitor. Or a combination of any or all of those.
I blame every Democrat politician, who knows he is destroying our republic, and therefore by a traitor.

The truth is sometimes painful to read.

Anonymous said...

Yes Faldo,

But you have to admit that the GOP is really weak with this so called budget cut.


Nik Faldo said...

Very weak. They have to stand up to the media and tell them they are traitors too....for not telling the truth, and siding with socialists/communists that are the Democrat Party.