Friday, April 08, 2011

Nahanni74 Has a League and a Blog of Her Own

One of the consistent winners at NPP has started a league on Thursday nights at 8pm, using the PokerStars Home Game set up.

Scoring is based on the same formula that PokerStars uses for it’s own Tournament Leader Board. Nice!

To join GPN league, write Faldo at the npokerp at yahoo dot com and I will forward you to Nahanni74.

Faldo plays in the league every chance I get. The players are good and the banter is (almost) equal to the NPP stuff. In other words, it is a fun league too!

But, in the interest of full disclosure, Thursday evening is a regular golf night for Faldo (well, Wed thru Monday is, but I digress). I won’t be able to do Thursdays too often until late in the fall.

Nahanni74’s GPN Online blog link is on the side of the NPP blog. Check it out!


Mr River said...

Thursday is a much better evening for a poker game.

NPP was nice while it lasted but will now go into the trash heap as Thursdays become the new Tuesday.

Nik Faldo said...

Funny, but Faldo doesn't recall an email from Davethedog asking to join Nahanni's league either.
Mary Kay Cosmetic parties BOTH nights Dave?

Nahanni said...

First of all...thanks Mike for posting info to "my" league...we could use a few more players. Secondly...just to clarify...the awarded point system is close to what poker stars uses, except for right now, I give points to everybody that plays (poker stars only awards points to the top 20% or so). Therefore, the points that count (or govern league standing) are the ones listed in my blog.