Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Community Card Review – XX

In the Northeast of the United States, people are turning to the oldest form of heat used by man – wood burning stoves – both for inside and outside heat. Neighbors are complaining about the smoke traveling onto their properties. All the Northeast states are rushing to put ‘wood burning regulations” on the books to stop this “pollution abuse” by citizens trying to keep warm.

Northeast electric companies planned a massive windmill farm in the ocean off the coast of Massachusetts to satisfy an ever increasing demand for power. Who complained? That’s right – liberals. They didn’t want their pristine ocean views ruined by the wind turbines. Taxachusetts has sent their big liberal guns both to the state and federal capitals to stop the project. They are succeeding.

So, from the liberal perspective; wood, gas and wind are a problem. Oil is evil. Coal is dirty. And nuclear energy – is completely out of the question.

The liberals of the Northeast had better pray for some serious Global Warming, or they are all going to freeze to death.

Actually, the sooner the better.

PS: Where are the Al Gore New York United Nations summits on Global Warming this winter?

Actually, where is Al Gore? Shouldn't he be vying for another Nobel Peace Prize for causing this awful Northeast winter, thereby saving the polar bears....oh and mankind for those who care, at the same time?

I know it is not modesty stopping him.


Anonymous said...

Thanks God Al Gore created the internet, or else how could we read about all this liberal abuse!!!

Anonymous said...

Al Gore represents some lobby groups and hedge funds now. That is why he is out of the spot light.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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But I ' m glad I came


Anonymous said...

Al Gore responds here:

This will silence Faldo.