Wednesday, January 19, 2011

BigDaddyTman Wins His 2nd NPP Tourney

A better turnout as BigDaddyTman weaved his way thru twenty other players to win his second NPP event. This tightened up the 1st quarter race immensely. That is what makes this league so much fun!

We welcomed back some past players: Dirtmonkey06, Wwsatando and SpartanFlash. And said hello to a new player; 95corolla. Welcome to NPP there 95.

By the way, I will get this Heads Up tournament rolling again. My email crash slowed us down.

On to the NPP action:

8 min: 95corolla (21st) got the standard NPP introduction by PokerStars as his (KK) ran into LittleRedElf’s (AA).

27 min: Tommydoo (20th)
35 min: A short-stacked (SS) Mikeniks-Faldo (19th) sees his (AK) lose to Pre01’s (KT) as a [K] hit the flop, but a [T] hit the turn. Just not my night.

40 min: Wwsatando (18th) sees his (QQ) run into SpartanFlash’s (KK).
41 min: Tigercub8189 (17th)
44 min: A SS T3chlady (16th) with (QJ) cannot run down Suetman1 with (AA).
51 min: BKrywko1 (15th) loses a coin flip with (55) to LittleRedElf’s (KT) and a [K] flop.

53 min: ThePunk75’s (14th) bad luck continued AGAIN in the exact same spot in the tournament as his shove with (KK) ran into Douge2’s (AA).

54 min: Tomservo2 (13th) loses a coin flip with (Ah Kh) to Derf-63’s (99).
57 min: Nixi44 (12th) sees her (88) get run down by Derf-63’s (Ad 9d) with a [9] on the flop.

59 min: Gnosis1970 (11th) is double-teamed by Absea98 and Dirtmonkey06. Dirt covered Gno.

1st break:
Derf-63 6815
Douge2 5645
Dirtmonkey06 4541
SpartanFlash 4184
LittleRedElf 4070
Suetman1 1820
BigDaddyTman 1555
Absea98 1535
Pre01 1145
Duder1123 190 (never showed)

62 min: Duder1123 (10th) never made it to the table and almost got a final table appearance out of it!

63 min: Suetman1 (9th)
68 min: Absea98 (8th) sees his (AK) run into BigDaddyTman’s (AA).
83 min: A SS Douge2 (7th) has to go with (KJ), but Pre01 holds (KK).
86 min: SpartanFlash (6th) is double-teamed by BigDaddyTman and LittleRedElf.
105 min: A SS LittleRedElf (5th) goes with (A3) and runs into Dirtmonkey06’s (AQ).
117 min: Then, a SS Dirtmonkey06 (4th) has to go with (KT) runs into Pre01’s (KK).

2nd break:
Pre01 13503
Derf-63 9782
BigDaddyTman 8215

123 min: Pre01 gets crippled when his (KK) gets run down by BigDaddyTman’s (77) and a [7] on the flop.

127 min: Then BigDaddy continues the assault when his (K2) gets a flop of [KQK] against Pre01’s (3rd) (A8). No PokerStars nub for Pre….at the worst possible time.

Heads up: BigDaddyTman 16400 - 15100 Derf-63
130 min: BigDaddyTman 21900 - 9600 Derf-63

132 min: Derf-63 (2nd) moves in with (3h 2h) and BigDaddyTman calls with (87) and hits an [8] on the turn. Big cards or little, BigDaddy had the flop.

Congratulations to BigDaddyTman on his 2nd NPP win!

1st – BigDaddyTman – 24 points
2nd – Derf-63 – 19 points
3rd – Pre01 – 15 pts
4th – Dirtmonkey06 – 12 pts
5th – LittleRedElf – 9 pts
6th – SpartanFlash – 7 pts
7th – Douge2 – 5 pts
8th – Absea98 – 4 pts
9th – Suetman1 – 3 pts

Every one else earned one (1) point. Standings on the right side of the blog!

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