Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ultimate Bet Challenge Update

January 2011 has been a little rough on Faldo. Even the UB Challenge was being…..well, challenged.

But this is where discipline and bankroll management save the day. I hit the $9 minimum bet mark on the downside. I had lost 6% of my total bankroll.

Now I could have stopped there, chalked up the loss as variation and a bad month, and waited for February. And that is a fine strategy. But I weighed other factors.

One, and most importantly, I felt I was playing well. The cards and opponents were just not co-operating.

Two, I was not on one of those slides, where I was losing every hand. I just could not get back to even or would lose all the session profit right before I had to stop playing.

So I decided to keep the month rolling and see if I could turn it around. I decided to make a 10% loss stop figure. I just didn’t want to tank everything in January with less than six months to go in the challenge. I still need to bet $45 by July 1 on this site.

Anyways, SNG’s didn’t earn me any victories, but a string of seconds and booking some small wins in ring play, got me back on the plus side.

Now, I will wait for February, and work to see if I can turn the other sites around.

Data dump:

Bet: $18.48
Profit/loss: +$4.87
Bankroll: $35.00 or +$26.00

With five months to go, no need to change the strategy that got us here.

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