Friday, January 14, 2011

PokerStars Home Games – The Future of NPP?

First, a couple notes. I hope you enjoyed the Poker Chronicles article I “borrowed”. I thought Part I was especially good (twss). I hope you realized, it was not Faldo’s story. For Faldo’s story, on this site search “White Whale.”

Another order of business: Odds2win777 and Pre01 – please email Faldo and comment on here. We need to get your match set up and I don’t have valid emails for either one of you! Damn spammer.

Now for the title article:
PokerStars now has a “Home Game” tab. This is where anyone can establish their own home game; league, ring play, tournaments, or any or all of the afore mentioned. This renders Faldo useless (twss).

Our league will be handled in the exact same manor we are doing it, until Faldo A) gets approved from PokerStars to use it (takes about five days they say) and B) figures out how to navigate the new “Home Game” page. Faldo can’t always figure out how to play with new toys (twss).

I guess it will keep the league records, roster and the attendance for Faldo. We could even set up cash games also. I think this might bring Davethedog back to us as this was his true vision: a cheap on-line home game with lots of drinking and -you know - the supportive banter at the table for which always is a part of any home game with Faldo and Davethedog.

And we could set up a side Omaha tournament where ThePunk75 can lure us into his trap and crush us. I’m in.

Here is a better review of the “situation” of PS home games from “Hard Boiled Poker”:

“I’ve been reading around about the new Home Games, exploring the FAQs to find out more about how they’ll work. It looks like each player is only allowed to set up a single “club” (for which he or she will act as “Club Manager”), but everyone is able to participate in as many as three different clubs. Also, each club is limited to 50 participants.

When setting up a club, the Club Manager chooses a name and also creates a special invitation code that he or she then gives to invited players. From what I can tell, there isn’t a way to send that invite/code through the PokerStars client, but it has to be done separately (e.g., via email). Once a player gets an invite, he or she will click on a “Join a Poker Club” button and enter the code. Sounds a little like those ESPN “clubs” for fantasy leagues or pick’em pools, actually.

The Club Manager also acts as a Club Administrator, and can additionally grant administrative privileges to other invited players, including scheduling tournaments and setting up customized ring games. Most of the games are available (hold’em, Omaha, stud, H.O.R.S.E.), and via the game management tools one can customize a number of details like the way the club lobby looks and so on. Sounds like there are ways to set up leaderboards, player stats, and other fun stuff, too.”

I will tell you more later, when I get it figured out. But for now, we still are located on the Private tab.

This week is tournament #352674473. 20:00 Niks Poker Palace #1-3.

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