Tuesday, January 04, 2011

18th Season at Niks Poker Palace Starts Tonight

Same password as last year. If you need it, write me at npokerp @ yahoo dot com.

If you are coming back to the league or are joining for the first time, please include at least your first name and your PokerStars handle in the email.

Just some side notes:

Faldo feels fine and so far so good with heart rhythm.

There have been over 5 million tournaments scheduled on PokerStars just since our Heads-up tournament started!

Derf-63 is in the finals of the winner's bracket of the Heads-Up tourney - two years in a row, and was last year's champ!

Boother36 and Matchy throw great and friendly card games! Plan on making one this year. Great time and great guys.

I am still in my Bowl football pool. but the Stanford win put a big hurtin on my chances. I had Destiny in my own hands (TWSS), but she slipped away. How does a team play so hard for a coach who is bailing on them? Oh, well.

New season. Time to meet new friends and enjoy the old ones. Good luck everyone!

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