Monday, October 11, 2010

UB Challenge - Faldo Has Losing Month, But is Still OK

With a small profit in hand and a short way to go to close out the UB Challenge for the month, Faldo decided to switch it up.

Not only did I leave the comforts of known buy-ins and strong expertise in Sit-n-Go land, but I changed games and game type. I went to an Omaha Hi-Lo Pot Limit table.

The table was wild! I saw this right away. Two guys raised pot before every flop! When the one guy went broke, the other guy continued to do it. What is Faldo to do? I could stay and really pump up my bankroll, or lose my buy-in in this "BINGO" game and be down a little for the month.

As you can tell by the headline, I didn't do so much. Now I could re-buy and break this maniac. But I just didn't want to risk the "Challenge" and lose it all to this Bozo. And as you can probably tell, I was a little tilted after the loss.

I lost with (AsAcJs2c)to take a 1/3 of my buy-in. The flop was dry and the action wild. I correctly folded. But my flush would have won as the paired board gave no one a full house. Well that didn't sit right, but that's poker.

When I finally got into a pot (knowing it would be probably be for the rest of my buy-in), I had (Ac2dJcJs) and the flop was [Jh 2c 9d]. Trips and a backdoor flush draw. My low is busted but a low is not looking good at this point.

The idiot bets the entire pot and I have to call all-in. Two players to act behind me. I want the folds, but quading up my buy-in would be sweet too. They fold.

The villian has (AsKc8h5c). Top pair and a backdoor low.

The turn is a [7c], the river a [6d]. Yes, his double gut-shot 9 to 5 straight gets there.

As I said, I probably could have stayed and broke this guy - and this table. If my bankroll was large enough to handle the swings, it was a primo situation. But alas, my bankroll is not large enough.

For that size game, I need a bankroll of 100 buy-ins, carrying 20 buys-in with me and using them one at a time. I had 10 - total (was 11). I was under-bankrolled for the game I played and THAT is why I lost!

The cards didn't do it to me. I did it to myself. I got in a game too big for my bankroll. The cards probably would have evened out and would have I walk away much richer - IF I had the stash to see it thru. I didn't.

Well, at least I maintained my nestegg to get them next month. After all, life is one long poker game. One session or one month means nothing. But you got to have a bankroll to stay in the game.

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