Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rjmech Wins His 1st NPP Tourney

He was a wrecking ball tonight. Twenty-one players showed up and half the players fell to the eventual winner. He mowed them down when he had the better hand - and even when he didn’t!

This is kind of his 2nd NPP win. He did chop with Douge2 one tourney, but Douge2 got the credit for the win by having the higher chip count at the time of the deal.

With this win, Rjmech moves into 1st place in the 4th quarter standings, one point ahead of T3chlady.

Meanwhile, PokerStars entertained us with some shenanigans. There was a 4-way all-in and a 3-way all in (twss) and no one was eliminated either time! Amazing! I would have captured the hands in their entirety, but alas, I was not near my home email. I was exiled to southern Indiana on business.

On to the action:

16 min: Mistermusic5 (21st)
33 min: Yecats423 (20th)
37 min: Tigercub8189 (19th) saw his two pair lose to LittleRedElf’s trips at the 20 minute mark and proceeded to sit out (with 5 full blinds of chips) the rest of the way. The history of “a chip and a chair” must be lost on the Cub. But I understand the "computer monitor out the window" possibility also.

38 min: A short-stacked (SS) Wingsfancurt (18th) moves in with (QT), but the flop of [324] hits Odds2win777’s (8s 5s) and a [6] on the turn completes his low straight.

47 min: A SS Nahanni74 (17th) has to go with (Kh Qh) but cannot catch Rjmech’s (66). The first of the massacres he executes tonight. Some exits come fast now.

48 min: Theedouble*d (16th) has (JJ) and moves in on a flop of [Q4T]. Rjmech calls with his open ended straight draw with (KJ), and hits the [A] on the river. This becomes monotonous.

49 min: One three-way did produce a double kill. Absea98 (15th) (TT) and Eyekall (14th) (99) both lose to Merhibka’s (As Ks) with an [A] on the flop.

55 min: LittleRedElf (13th) runs into Derf-63’s (AA).

1st break:

Rjmech 5255
Merhibka 4672
T3chlady 4085
Derf-63 3242
Odds2win777 2910
K9isadog 2421
Meatsword 2370
Suetman1 2230
Douge2 1320
xxxKdogxxx 1040
Funtoon 990
ThePunk75 965

63 min: A SS Douge2 (12th) has to go with (Ah 6h) and Rjmech calls him with (JT). The flop is BINGO for Rj – [8Q9].

65 min: Derf-63 (11th) with (Kc Tc) cannot catch Rjmech’s (A7).
67 min: xxxKdogxxx (10th) bubbles. A long time until the next exit.
86 min: Suetman1 (9th) loses her coin flip with (Ad Td) to K9isadog with (66).
87 min: Merhibka (8th) with (QQ) runs into K9isadog with (AA).
89 min: Funtoon (7th) loses his coin flip with (TT) to Rjmech with (QJ) and a [Q] on the flop.

94 min: Another coin flip loss as Meatsword (6th) with (AQ) cannot catch Rjmech’s (77).

You have to win coin flips to win tournaments. That is all there is to it.

97 min: Luck helps too. ThePunk75 (5th) has to go all-in when his (QJ) hits a [Q] on the flop. But Rjmech is holding (QQ)! When you are hot, you are hot!

100 min: T3chlady (4th) sees her (AJ) run into – who else? – Rjmech with (AA)!

112 min: K9isadog (3rd) loses his coin flip with (KJ) to Odds2win777’s (66).

Heads up: Odds2win777 16600 - 14900 Rjmech

114 min: Rjmech has the chip lead now and aggressively moves all-in with (Q8). Odds2win777 (2nd) has to call with (22), but a [Q] on the flop ends it. Congratulations to Rjmech on his fist NPP win!

1st – Rjmech - 24 points
2nd – Odds2win777 - 19 pts
3rd – K9isadog - 15 pts
4th – T3chlady - 12 pts
5th – ThePunk75 - 9 pts
6th - Meatsword - 7 pts
7th - Funtoon - 5 pts
8th - Merhibka - 4 pts
9th - Suetman1 - 3 pts

Everyone else gets one (1) point. Standings are on the right side of the blog.

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