Sunday, October 10, 2010

Boother36 Hosts a Friendly MSU – UM Poker Game

We had six – Faldo, Boother 36, Beerhog, Matchy, Bo and DaveE. There was one no-show that I am aware of – who will be forever shunned. Well until the next card game anyway. But, as I think I can point out- six players on a “big game” day, is pretty darn good.

The no-show was not Davethedog, by the way. He is not a no – show! He is a “Can never get permission from wife.” There are other names for that…which I will not mention.

As usual, it was as nice and as player friendly as a poker game can be. Plenty of beer, food, munchies and TWO wall mounted (twss) big screen hi-def TV’s available to watch the football action. No one hosts a better game than Boother36. Thanks, Jon.

But poor Boother… and to a greater extent, Matchy, who tries to host even more games than Boother. They try…but it is difficult to pull them together anymore. It’s worse than when I was running the monthly NPP home game, which still managed 3 to 4 cancellations a year.

I know even Faldo has had to pass on their invitaions recently – sometimes for health issues. But many times because I wanted to watch the Saturday UFC fights on pay-per-view.

Now in the old days, you never missed a home card game because that was usually the only time you played. Unless you were a frequent visitor to one of the few casinos that even had poker rooms, home games was the only place you played.

So when a game was called, you were all over it! You had to get your poker fix in when the opportunity arose.

But now there are many more casinos – all with poker rooms. Plus there are multiple charity poker rooms, some running 7 days a week. And of course internet poker is 30 seconds and a couple of clicks away! There is no excuse for poker-jonesing ever!

Recently, Faldo’s guilty as anyone else for ditching friends trying to host card games. But when I watch the UFC fights instead of attending the home game, I am still on-line – multi-tabling away on one internet poker site or the other. See the issue?

Home games are still the best place to learn and enjoy poker. Where else can you deal “Omaha Hi-Lo, bonus-bonus, triple beds, post-flop ejaculation, no connectors”?

Not to mention tell jokes, discuss sport, bad mouth no-shows and make fun of 'apron wearing - never shows".


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