Monday, October 25, 2010

Theedouble*d Wins a Satellite for a $700 Entry Tourney on PokerStars!

Theedouble*d’s comments are in “ …” – Faldo’s ….not.

DD: “I have been doing well in these. Everyone is so loose that if you sit and wait you can build quite a stack. A key hand in this one was approaching final table and in danger of blinding too low, my 88 beat AA when I flopped the 8.”

As we all know, you have to be good – and lucky – to win tourneys.

Flushed with success, DD got in the same type tourney and just missed the big prize again, but did pick up 30 times his entry! Wow!

So, DD tries it again – only this time at a 10 times the buy-in (since he had the cash from the last tourney) and bubbles with a 7th place finish. Six got that $700 seat again! Dang!

But DD did pick up another 10 times his entry! Yes, that is ten times the ten time entry of tourney #2. Nicely done DD!!

Here is what he had to say about this near miss – but nice cash:

DD: “Ooohh…so close!!! The last hand guy hits his 8 on river to make set and take me out.”

Hmmm...didn’t your trip eights win you the $700 entry in the first tourney? PokerStars never forgets good fortune it gives you.

“Faldo, you were right though about these qualifiers being lucrative. Thanks for the tip.” – Theedouble*d

You are very welcome! That is what I am here to do – give every NPP’er the best chance at winning at poker.

I hope everyone caught the artful way DD took some of the profit from tourney #2 and took the shot at the even bigger payday. Bankroll management – or poor bankroll management is the biggest factor that turns many a good player into a broke player. DD shows us the correct play.

The other option is to never lose. Update on Faldo play:

I had a nice streak myself, cashing in 11 straight one-table sit-n-go tournaments. In this streak I had 4 firsts, 3 seconds and 4 thirds!

If only I could do this every time, I could throw out my own bankroll management foundation. But I can’t – so I won’t.

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Nice job, fellas