Monday, October 18, 2010

ThePunk75 and Theedouble*d Represent NPP and Final Table at the Electric Stick

And ThePunk75 cashed! Here is his report:

“It was this past Saturday at the Electric Stick 4pm Tourney that two NPP players ran into each other. Before the tournament started we recognized each other and exchanged hellos then seated ourselves at different tables.

There was 4 tables to start and when the tournament got to 3 tables the two of us were at the same table. At that point I had chipped up from a flopped two pair (with a check raise on flop, and a river bet and call that nearly doubled my stack).

DD and I knowing each other stayed away from each other for the most part, although he did raise my blind once that I openly called him out on. When the tourney consolidated to two tables we again were seated together and again we stayed out of each others way even though DD raised my blind for the 2nd time. We both survived the table although I had chipped up a couple of times through KO's.

So at the final table DD was short stacked a bit and there was a preflop raise, a call all in, another call and DD raised all in and everybody called his all in.

Unfortunately for DD and his KK two aces hot the board and he was up against two players with an ace. With DD out in 10th place it was up to me to represent the NPP.

I got another KO when I limped in UTG 99 and hit top set on flop, a checked flop brought a 10 on turn and an all in from BB I insta-called and took it down.

At 5 players blinds 15-30 k , with AQ hearts I raised 75 k and got an all in call for 70 k, he flipped over AK, but a turned broadway straight for me ended his day.

Soon after that the remaining 4 players all had similar chip stacks so a four way chop was agreed upon.”

This was a fine job by both of you!

Now, how many players did you two recruit for NPP next year???


Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure playin with the Punk. It is good to play with quality players so you don't always have to get bad beat on your way out of the tourney. LOL
I might dispute that I went out tenth. Wasn't there shorter stacks at the table in that hand Punk? I thought the original raiser had 2K less and went all into start the betting. Either way the result was definitely the same.
LOL Great recount of the story Punk and congrats! DD

Anonymous said...

Faldo...Did Hazer e-mail you? I think he may be joining us tonight. I do not recruit when playin live but I do find us a gem or two when in pstars tourneys. I was very sorry that "tigertown" did not stick with us. She really spruced up the place. LOL