Thursday, October 28, 2010

Odds Are Faldo Will Not Be at Premier Poker Lounge Thursday

The best laid plans. Work got in the way, and I cannot make Thursday night now. But I am still planning on a visit to Premier Poker Lounge on Saturday. Not an NPP event, but a visit none the less. November 6 is a possibility. Anyone else in for the 6th?

Speaking of odds, I thought I would lay these on you. These are the odds of hitting your draw AFTER the flop. Simply double those odds for just the river. The odds are estimates, but close enough for poker.

Pocket pair that needs to hit trips to win (outs = 2) – 10 to 1
A pair that needs to hit its kicker for two pair (outs = 3) – 6.5 to 1
Inside straight draw (outs = 4) – 4.5 to 1
Smaller pair on the board with a live kicker (outs = 5) – 4 to 1
Two live over cards to hit (outs = 6) – 3 to 1
Open ended straight draw (outs = 8) – 2.2 to 1
Flush draw (outs = 9) – 1.5 to 1
Flush draw with one live over card (outs = 12) – 1.2 to 1
Straight and flush draw (outs = 15) – even money
Straight and flush draw with two overs (outs = 15) – Favorite 1.7 to 1

Again, this is not dead accurate, but it is a very helpful guide.


Anonymous said...

No dice for Boother36 to attend PPL on Nov 6, I have my regular monthly game in White Lake. If anyone is interested in attending that game, it is some decent poker. $120 buy-in and a 5:30PM start time. Contact me thru Faldo.


fourputt said...

Pocket pair that needs to hit trips to win

47 cards left to deal the turn and river.

47*46 = 2162 possible combinations.

Without hitting one of your dealt
cards (a pair) the number of ways this can be done is:

45*44 = 1980

2162-1980= 182

2162 / 182 = 0.0841 or 8.41%.