Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sev4TSev Wins NPP Internet #18

747 doesn’t have the Point Lead, but he has the Highest Average Finish per Tournament Lead by a mile.

A field of ten made a go of it. Two weeks in a row of a double digit field. Great job everyone! To the action:

We have a habit of treating new players with corrosive gloves – both at NPP and on-line.
On hand #20, Nahanni (10th), in her second start, took another bad beat. By her own admission, maybe she did not play the hand correctly. Anyway, she and BonAir see the flop. [KJ3]. BonAir (K4) calls a smallish bet from Nahanni (AA). The turn has a 4. When Nahanni goes all in, BonAir takes her out.

Hand #33 saw Artic Blast (9th) lose to 747, who had (QQ). I did not see what Artic had and screwed up trying to get the hand number to review. I blame my wife – who was serving me a beer and bring me my slippers at the time – and distracted me. She will have to pay for that.

Hand #40 saw last tourney winner and short stacked Rownder (8th) with (KK) end up all in against 747 (QsTs). The flop of [ 2s 7h 5s] and a turn of 3s – ended the suspense.

Hand #43 saw Matchy (AK) get hurt by a shorter stacked Boother (77). It is basically a coin flip preflop. They get all in and the flop has an A in it. But a 7 on the river cripples Matchy.

Hand #50 sees a short stacked Matchy (7th) (AT) run into the KK of Beerhog.

Hand #65 saw a very rare 3 handed all-in! Hlam (6th) (KJ), Boother (5th) (66) and BonAir (KQs). BonAir hit the straight and wiped out two very dangerous players all at once.

Hand #68, BonAir hit a straight again. Unfortunate for Beerhog (4th), who saw his flopped two pair get rolled.

At the break we had
BonAir 7.2K,
Sev4TSev 6.1K and
perennial short-stacked Nik Faldo 1.5K.
Can Nik pull off a Rownder/Boother type comeback?????

Uhhhh, no.

I (3rd) got a run of high pairs, pairs and high suited cards and went all in about 6 or 7 times in a row, and got my stack close to 3K. Safer ground, but still safely behind. The decent cards continue and I get (44).

On hand #92 my all-ins continued and get called by BonAir (AsTs), who got tired of my little show of force.

Can Nik Faldo win a race for once on Poker Stars???? Uhhhh, no.

A T on the flop AND two spades. Just to rub it in, PS drops a T on the river. Uncalled for. A spade ok – but another ten is just cruel. Time 10:12

At 10:29, BonAir’s FH beats 747’s two pair and the chip lead is BonAir’s at 11K to 4K.

At 10:32, Sev4TSev hits a straight to take the lead 8K to 7K. He never lost it, even though they go at it for quite a while.

At 10:50, Sev4TSev (1st) raises pre-flop and is called by BonAir (2nd).
Flop [Ks 6d 4s]
There are bets and they are all-in.
Sev4TSev (AKs) and BonAir (KT). Trap city.
Turn, A and the unnecessary river card was a 4d.

1st – Sev4TSev
2nd – BonAir
3rd – Nik Faldo
4th – Beerhog
5th - Boother
6th – Hlam14
7th – Matchy
8th – Rownder
9th – Artic Blast
10th – Nahanni

Question: Beerhog is golfing on Tuesday. Is there a better night to do this, like Monday or Wednesday? Thursday and Friday is the weekend. We don’t want that. When we originally voted, Tuesday barely beat Monday, and there are only 3 players who played last night who voted at that time.

Time for a new vote.
Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday? – Nik Faldo


Jennifer said...

any of those days are good for me. I'm up for raising the stakes too.

Nik Faldo said...

Ohhhh. Sandbagging us, eh? (A little Canadian lingo there)

A couple of out of the money finishes at low stakes and then....BAM! You Sev4TSev-Boother-Hlam14-Beerhog-Rownder us all.

I see how you are.

Stakes are one of those tricky things. I would rather have 10 to 20 players where we are, then 5 players at a higher level.

If we ever grow this to 3 tables or so, then we can vote on it. Right now, although I like the trend, are average table is still 6-7 players.

Yes, you can vote for more than one day. I need to know what day of the three will cause you to 4Putt.

Nik Faldo said...

"4Putt" is the new definition of a 'no show'.

Websters will be adding it to the dictionary shortly.

tolly said...

Just curious..... but jennifer is from Canada hmmmmmm

our great socialist governor is also from Canada and named Jennifer.......

She wants to start taxing you boys...BE CAREFUL

Anonymous said...

I still like Tuesdays.

Anonymous said...

i kinda like the tuesday's a habit now!!!

however, if it were to change i'm sure i would adjust just fine!!


BonAir said...

I'm happy to donate my money any of the 3 nights being discussed.

Jennifer said...

yes the first 2 tourneys I played sh*tty starting hands like JJ and AA as a decoy hoping to lure you all into a sense that I am completely beatable. if you raise the stakes, I am only going to play premium starting hands and hope that you all fall into my trap.


Anonymous said...

wednesday is the only day i can play. unlike the rest of you rich people i have to work late on monday's.


Nik Faldo said...

Don't let Beerhog fool you! He has more money than Trump and Rosie O'
Donnel combined.

He invented the inflateable date for transgender necrophiliacs. It started out as a 'self-help' project.

Anonymous said...

For the little on-line weight I carry, Tuesdays or Monday's are fine.

Now having said, fuck Pokerstars.


Anonymous said...

Is Jennifer hot?

Jennifer said...

what an odd question given the fact that I am reading this. I like how you don't indicate who you are. anyway, the answer is not really.

Anonymous said...

i owe all my success to you mike. after all you did buy the first thousand units............

Anonymous said...

im in for the game this weekend mike..............get it going slacker................


Anonymous said...

Is there a game this weekend??? I am in if there is one. Tolly said he was in if he is back on the NPP guest list. It would be nice to see him at the game again. 747

Anonymous said...

rider can play and we think we have a newbie......


im also in for a tolly return....he did buy the second thousand units afer all.....

tolly said...

Thank you for the kind words 747 and Beerhog, it means alot...

ANyways yes I am available to play just say the word and I also may have a newbie I will see him at my sons baseball game tonight, just say the word, sounds like there is enough for a game