Sunday, May 20, 2007

Beerhog Hosts the NPP Boys - Great Game!

Well it was a who's who of NPP. I really didn't think we could get a game together for the month, but Beerhog decided to give it a shot.

In spite of two NPP regulars (Herbavor and LP) unable to attend, seven still made the game.

Beerhog, Gridlock, Thai Food, Tolly, Nik Faldo, Matchy, and Sev4TSev all made the game.

I was not the chip seller so I am guessing at how people did. I won a little and I think Thai Food was the big winner, but I could be wrong.

The tournament ended with a deal struck with Sev4TSev taking first, Nik Faldo second and Tolly third. Matchy did not play in the tourney.


Anonymous said...


i think you got it about right. thanks to all who made it to the hog oppen. i had a great time. i hope you all did as well. the wife has given me permission to have another game as long as it is in the garage. i do like the cigar action. faldo says no game for june so i am opening the garage for another game.


TOLLY said...

Sounds great hog, hope I will be able to make it. I too loved the Cigar action but I have one suggestion since we are outside we should do some grilling instead of that pizza... with the cards I got I could be the CHEF...... WHAT DO YUO THINK

Nik Faldo said...

Two things Tolly can do better than just about anyone - play poker and COOK!

Alright three, EAT!

Alright four, watch Brokeback Mt. continuously.

tolly said...

Just 2 because i sure as hell can't play poker I got my ass reemed, its all luck anyhow, i can cook okay, but when it comes to eating and watching brokeback mountain I got you all beat, except for maybe 747 he admitted he saw Brokeback mountain he may have me there.........