Monday, May 28, 2007

Nik Finishes 4th in Tropical Poker Tourney

Supposed to go play golf on this Memorial Weekend, but the rain kept me house bound.
So I had the wife clean my clubs, polish my golf shoes and wash the golf towel.

While waiting for my lunch to be made, I decided to enter a poker tourney. Tropical Poker had one that featured a 306 player freeroll field. A freeroll was in order in case;
A) the weather broke and it was time to golf
B) I had to renew the restraining order I have on Jessica Alba who is stalking me
C) Tiger Woods stops by for me to once again fix his putting issues

Anyway, finished 4th as my QQ lost to a bigger stacks AQ with the expected A falling on the flop.

On the bright side, I won a little free cash, the weather had cleared and my clubs and shoes were done.
Off to the course!

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