Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Beerhog Wins NPP #19

I missed the tourney due to a combo of stupidity and the internet blinking out at the wrong time! I was on in plenty of time but didn't register. The computer kicked me off because of a 12 hour sign in rule. By the time I logged back on the tourney had started and because of a full table PS did not allow a late entry.

I went out and had a few.

Anyways, the results.

1st - Beerhog
2nd - Boother
3rd - Matchy
4th - Rownder
5th - Hlam14
6th - Sev4TSev
7th - Duder
8th - ArticBlast

HORSE again next game. NPP will be dark May and June. Beerhog may have a game. Let's discuss. Give us the details Beerhog. - Nik Faldo


Jennifer said...

all I want to know is what the hell happened yesterday? I wanted to register for the game (not horse though), but never saw anything posted. Is it under a new name now? how long do you play horse for?

Nik Faldo said...

Sorry you couldn't find it Jenny.
I found it and didn't register in time (because I am an idiot).

I would make fun of you, but I screwed up too so the others will have to blast you (and me).

It is always under Tourneys - Private

Nik's Poker Palace #?

Anonymous said...

Everything looked normal to me, the tourney was even listed as WHORES (or was it HORSE?). Hog if you are gonna have a game and I can sneak out am I welcome?

Anonymous said...

I'm in the same boat as Jennifer. Never saw the tourney pop up. It was schedule for the normal 9 pm, right?

Anywho, I played a regular tourney instead. Horse sucks!


Anonymous said...

heres the scoop.

1)it has to be in the garage. my wife says no way in the house because of the boys only being 5 and the language and the nude wrestling that often breaks out with a couple of you guys.

2) i have no chips. mike if you can play can we use yours?

3) i have no table. i think i can remedy that on my own...

4)i have a few chairs but probably not enough. if you plan on playing please bring a fold chair for yourself.

5) matchy you are welcome as much as anyone.

6) do we have enough for a game?

lets plan on a 7pm start...

Jennifer said...

I swear it was not listed at my end. The last 2 times I played I registered the day before and was trying to do the same for this week but it wasn't listed (or for some reason it wasn't listed when I logged in). I'm thinking that I've been secretly blocked from playing because I'm not hot. well what the hell do you want me to do???? god I'm sorry! or "sarry" (how you guys say sorry). Whatever. I know for sure that I won't play this horse bullsh*t. I want NL hold'em and NL hold'em only. So I guess I'll just have to wait to kick all your asses once you've return things to normal.

man I was looking forward to playing you guys last night! I was only going to play real crappy hands in the hopes of busting out beerhog and bonair with some lucky-ass suck out.

Nik Faldo said...

Beerhog, I will bring the chips - no problem. Matter of fact, for $50 the set is yours. I have one too many. And it is nearly brand new.

Is the game this Saturday? Email me the directions and I will get the emails out.

Anyone who wants in can email me at npokerp@yahoo.com and I will email you the directions back.

Guys and gal, make sure you are looking at the the PRIVATE list for tourneys.

Or write Poker Stars early and ask them why you can't see it on your screen.

These HORSE tourneys are paybacks for 747 and Beerhog past victories where I could not get their HORSE tourneys because of the PS software screwup.

The winner of the next tourney gets to pick the next game!

Anonymous said...

bring the chips mike i will buy them. i will e-mail you my address to pass on.

as for HORSE. anyone can play holdem. and i mean ANYONE. you can ask any pro card player and he/she will tell you only the best card players can play horse and play it well. i only like to play because it is much faster and you will weed out the bad card players. an average card player can still win but a bad player has little chance. if you want to make money online become a good horse player.


Anonymous said...

7pm start time saturday. 6:30 beers and cigars on the deck....


Jennifer said...

I now know why I didn't see the horse game...my filter is set to show only hold'em games.

Nik Faldo said...

If you need the address to Beerhog's game, email me at npokerp@yahoo.com for the house number.

Beerhog lives on Brokeback Mt. Drive in Richard Simmons Hts.

Anonymous said...

mike bent over backwards to get a house in my hood......

rider is in>>>>>>>

\how many do we have mike

me, you, gridlock, tolly, 747, matchy, ?,?,?

Anonymous said...

and i think herbavor can play...

boother.....here is your chance to get drunk at my house......

jennifer.....we could use a woman at the table......mike is as close as we get........

Anonymous said...

I think I will be able to stop by for a few hours, but we have lots going on this weekend. plus Tolly said he had a new guy, is it Sean?
Boother will be in Cali.

Fourputt said...

Nik Faldo,

Will you ever get the hang of this Internet fad and the thing called a "keyboard"?

If I were you I would kick my own ass.

There is no excuse for not posting the tournament in the correct manner.

Nik Faldo said...

Sorry...uh, Mr. 4Putt is it? I have a vague recollection of someone who used to play poker and golf by that name.

tolly said...

747 and I will be there, I am waiting on directions from Mike and I just sent you an e-mail hog just in case so you can send me directions too..... Don't know why 747 doesn't remember where you live though, he was at the premiere of Brokeback Mountain at your home.....
Anyways my maybe is going on a golf trip this weekend so he can't play, I will give Sean a try though, he knows Matchy.

Is this BYOB and one for the host, also can we smoke cigars in the garage

Anonymous said...

smoke away tonto.

byob. if you bring one for the host plan on splitting it.