Friday, March 30, 2012

The #6 Cigar in the USA – CAO

“One cigar company that has helped to raise the level of awareness and has helped to maintain the popularity of cigar smoking is the Cao Cigar Company.


The Cao Cigar Company is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. The company was founded by an Armenian Turk by the name of Cano Ozgener. Mr. Ozgener had a great passion for a good cigar. The company derives its name, CAO, from the initials of its founder, Cano A. Ozgener.

Their first cigar brand was called Casa de Manuel. Business did not fare well and leadership decided to retreat to the safety of manufacturing pipes and humidors.

Eventually, when cigar smoking hit its stride in sales, the Cao Cigar Company ventured back into the cigar market and became successful with their introduction of their version of the maduro.

The Cao Cigar Company manufactures and distributes several distinctive lines of cigars.

The particular brands of cigars manufactured by the Cao Cigar Company include the Gold, Double Maduro, Creole, Brasilia, and three separate versions of the L’Anniversaire. Those brands include the Maduro, eXtreme and Cameroon. Also, through expansion, other companies have been added the Cao cigar business family.

Two Cigar Lines
Two specific Cao Cigar lines are the Brazilia and the CAO Gold. Each of these cigars is distinctive in their own right and offers a unique smoking experience for the cigar lover.

The CAO Brazilia is a blend of tobacco leafs that utilizes a deep Brazilian wrapper that enfolds an excellent tobacco from the country of Nicaragua. The opportunity of smoking this Cao Cigar can be best described by using the language of sweetness coupled with a wonderful blend of spiciness. This robust flavor provides a wonderful cigar smoking experience.

Another line of Cao Cigar is the CAO Gold. This special cigar uses a wrapper grown in Ecuador and, in addition to a fine smoking encounter, provides visual appeal to the eyes through a finely crafted cigar. Indulging in this rich pleasure will provide a taste that is even, smooth and provides a hint of a nutty-like flavor.” - Hat tip to Refresh Articles for this report.

Now for Faldo’s two cents: Not so much. Not a fan.

The tobaccos used in CAO’s come from Honduras or Nicaragua and are a little harsh for Faldo’s taste. Most are a medium to full bodied strength.

Faldo tried the CAO Gold a few times (different boxes), which are supposed to be “mild to medium” and Faldo found them to burn a little hot and have a bite near the end.

But CAO is #6 cigar in the nation for a reason. The top Five Faldo agrees with. Number 6, not so much.

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CAO is the brand Beerhog likes to strapon when he is with BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN Fourputt