Sunday, April 01, 2012

Douge2’s Birthday Bash a Success – Faldo Finishes 5th in Douge2’s Tourney

It was a great Man’s Night Out Party for Douge2’s ‘29th’ birthday. Held at the Brookside Golf Club, the view out the window of the banquet room showed us wild turkeys and dozens of deer wandering around the fairways. A beautiful site!

As you can see, Julia Georges was looking at nature as well.

The menu was a nearly all venison spread, including;
Fawn in a bacon wrap
Sloppy Does
White Tail Bruchetta

Along with chips, dips, salsa, beans, cole slaw, and I know I am leaving out some stuff. Brownies and Killians Red was for dessert. Well, the Killians was dessert for Faldo all night.

Douge2 was still one of the four remaining (even with a bounty on his head!) when Faldo got (AQ) in the big blind and an [A] flopped. I moved in and was called by the small blind who slow played (AK).

I slow play and I get a set shoved up my nose – and no, not Julia’s set either.

A good time was had by all. Here is hoping Douge2 will fill in the blanks after Faldo headed out to go home and burn every Ace and Queen in all his decks of cards.

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