Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Faldo Finishes 4th in Shark's Club Tourney; K9isadog Also Makes the Final Table!

Allison was there to cheer the NPP players on in this 40 player tournament!

Faldo managed a 4th place finish just thru his usual miser strategy with chips and a few key pot wins. Also with 6 remaining, a short-stacked Faldo spiked a [T] on the river holding (Jd Td) against an opponent who had him covered with (AQ). A [QJ3] flop put Faldo in desparate straits, but the river [T] saved him.

The 4th place finish was good for a slightly better return of doubling the entry fee ($110 = $60 gravy)

It was a standard night for Faldo in Card World. Faldo never saw AA, KK, JJ, TT or AK.

I had one (QQ) which conveniently ran into (AA) to really short-stack Faldo half way thru the tournament. And I never really got out of that position.

Only two AQ's (both suited - one took a pot uncontested and the other lost on the river) and only two (99), both of which had to be folded after the flops of over cards and heavy betting (ducking AA once).

The rest of the cards were garbage. Or a Boother36 says, "A hand full of feces."

Faldo's decisions to fold hands before they hit the flop worked out 4 of the 5 times. Faldo would have been run down if he would have called that flop and pushed after hitting the likes of two pair, trips and even a straight!

Faldo flopped a straight with (53) in the big blind and a board of [7h 4d 6d]. But even this pot win was an adventure. I check being first to act, hoping this table of maniacs would push. The button dutifully bet and all three of us behind called.

I am - as usual - short-stacked, and I am trying to milk this hand for all I can. Protecting it gets me little return if they all fold.

The turn was a rotten [8d]. Probably the worse card in the deck for Faldo's hopes. But this gets checked around.

The river is a [7]! Another bad card for Faldo. But I bet half the pot anyway, and get called in one spot and take down some much needed ammo.

It was that kind of night. Surviving every lap - barely - all the way to 4th place.

K9isadog made a move with (K3) and a board of [938] and a turn card [8]. His only opponent had to call........with (88)!!! Quads!! Ouch! K9 finished 8th.

Pre01 finished 29th as his (QQ) lost to (A4) with an [A] hitting the board.

Don't you worry NPP'ers. You were well represented this night.

A sighting of Fourbetbluff at the cash table was also acknowledged.


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