Sunday, March 11, 2012

Community Card Review - Our Nation is Getting Fluked - Literally Raped - and it is Not Pretty!

This is how it works, and most Americans are too stupid to see it - especially women voters who are more emotionally manipulated. Many women fall for the cheap magician’s trick being played on them by the Democrat Party. Or if they are already a Democrat, don’t want to see it….or like it.

George Stephanopolous, a Democrat Party hack that masquerades as an ABC (Already Big Communists) News journalist, was moderating a Republican Candidate presidential debate. And out of the blue, he asked Mitt Romney what he thought about the possibility of states banning contraception.

Romney of course had no clue why this was brought up. And neither did anyone else.

The next day, the entire media started the chant that Republicans want to deny women birth control.

Then, on cue, Barack Obama issued an edict (unconstitutional to do) that churches must pay for free contraception and abortions at their hospitals and schools (also unconstitutional).

As the churches revolted (verbally and politically), Obama ‘relented’ and changed the edict (unconstitutional – again) to making health care providers pay for it (unconstitutional again). The Republicans claimed ‘victory’, and that gave the media more fodder that Republicans hate women, and want to deny them birth control.

Which of course is not the case at all, but now that is the chant.

Meanwhile, the unconstitutional edict stood – not voted on by Congress – the constitutional way laws are supposed to be voted on. DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT JUST HAPPENED? And it was not the first time either that this dictatorship has ignored our Constitution out in the open without being called on it by Congress.

Now the media has everyone off the economy, the gas prices, the collapsed housing market, the falling dollar, the billions in debt and bailouts to Democrat contributors, and focused on birth control.

Meanwhile, the Dictator in the White House is getting edicts placed into law.

Nancy Pelosi set up a press conference that looked like a Congressional Hearing, which Botox Nancy no longer has the power to call. No matter. The media dressed it up and covered it like it was one. A professional student and activist - Sandra Fluke - was presented as a struggling coed speaking on the behalf of all women.

She testified that her and her fellow coeds are having SO MUCH SEX at Georgetown University, that the cost of contraception is causing them to go broke. Fluke claims she spends $3000 on birth control and cannot afford it. Hence, someone MUST provide this coverage for her. Fluke wants the taxpayer or the Pope to pay for the birth control so she can have sex.

Faldo wants to ‘have golf’. I need a membership, a new golf bag, some driving range tokens, new golf spikes and Lord knows, some golf lessons. Where is my fake congressional hearing, Nancy? George? You two plan on speaking out for Faldo?

Or did polls show that Obama was losing the women vote and that abortion rights no longer poll well. So Democrats, with the help of the main stream media, moved it to birth control and blamed the Republicans for hating women?

And at the same time, Congress allows direct laws to be issued from the Dictator in Chief, without a peep from anyone in Congress – Democrat or Republican.

Democrats are traitors. Republicans are complicit (for those of you in Ann Arbor, this means ‘they are helping’).

Americans better prepare for servitude (for those of you in Ann Arbor, this means ‘being a slave’)…. or war.


Nik Faldo said...

The Washington DC Department of Health will send you free condoms....AND lube....if you ask them.

Another trumped up story and issue brought to you by the Democrat Party and the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party....the main stream media....our vigilant watchdogs over politicians.

Anonymous said...

I have tried that position before (remember DavetheDog) the guy on top needs to get a little lower.


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