Tuesday, March 13, 2012

LittleRedElf Moves into 2nd in All Time NPP Wins!

This lady enjoys the mastery of LittleRedElf’s poker skills from the rail!

With his usual strong play and some help from the poker gods, LittleRedElf rolled over fourteen other players to win this NPP round. With it, he moves into contention for the 1st quarter seat. An intense finish to the 1st quarter seems to be brewing.

We welcomed back Bigbrimar tonight, as his work schedule has backed off enough where he can play again. Good to see you Brian.

On to the action:

30 min: Sanster89 (15th) Working on my basketball bracket.
40 min: Derf-63 (14th) I missed it playing my hand.
43 min: A short-stacked (SS) Wingsfancurt (13th) has to go with (Kd 6d) but Douge2 has (33).

46 min: Absea98 (12th) sees his flush run into T3chlady’s bigger flush. Ouch!
48 min: Suetman123 (11th) sees her two pair lose to T3chlady’s bigger two pair.

52 min: KingBing420 (10th). I did not see it as the table closed too fast.
54 min: 8thmile (9th) sees his (TT) run into Douge2’s (AA).

1st break:
LittleRedElf 4930
Douge2 4735
Mikeniks-Faldo 2995
T3chlady 2800
95corolla 2355
Bigbrimar 2135
ThePunk75 1670
Tomservo2 880

77 min: ThePunk75 (8th) is double-teamed by the LittleRedElf and the winner, 95corolla with (TT).

87 min: Tomservo2 (7th) sees his (AA) lose to a two-outer as LittleRedElf has (QQ) and a [Q] hit the flop! Ouch!

103 min: T3chlady (6th) has to go with (QQ) but runs into Doutge2’s (A9).
105 min: Mikeniks-Faldo’s (5th) pair of Aces loses when Bigbrimar catches his flush on the river.

2nd break;
95corolla 13460
LittleRedElf 4985
Douge2 3260
Bigbrimar 795

122 min: A SS Bigbrimar’s (4th) (67) loses to LittleRedElf’s two pair.
148 min: A SS Douge2 (3rd) goes with (KJ) but LittleRedElf has (AQ).

Heads up: LittleRedElf 17500 - 95corolla 5000

150 min: LittleRedElf 20500 - 95corolla 2000

152 min: A SS 95corolla (2nd) has to go with (Ah 9h) and LittleRedElf correctly calls with (62) and hits a [6] on the flop

Congratulations to LittleRedElf on his 14th NPP win!

1st – LittleRedElf
2nd – 95corolla
3rd – Douge2
4th – Bigbrimar
5th – Mikeniks-Faldo
6th – T3chlady
7th – Tomservo2
8th – ThePunk75
9th – 8thmile
10th – KingBing420
11th – Suetman123
12th – Absea98
13th – Wingsfancurt
14th – Derf-63
15th – Sanster89

The total point standings are on the right side of the blog!


Bigbrimar said...

Nice job LRE

Anonymous said...

you need a HOT Red Head .... for this weeks WINNER ..... like a 23 year-old!!! LOL!!