Friday, February 10, 2012

Mike's Cigars Has a Blog - Now on the NPP Blog Roll

Although I can still enjoy a cigar at the Leaf, Barley and Vine cigar bar on occasion, it is time to start thinking SPRING!

Time to start thinking of filling that humidor you had Faldo design for you for free (you didn't do that yet? Wow.....missing out), so you will be ready for the golf links in style.

So, I am adding this site to the blogroll at NPP for your reading and cigar smoking enjoyment.

And you can fill that humidor inexpensively at Mike's Cigars. Their website works great.

Their #1 competitor as far as I'm concerned - who shall go nameless so I will just use their initials; is JR Cigars.

Anyway, their website and email club doesn't seen to work very well. Great site, good prices, but poor customer service on line. If you call them direct, no problem. Actually outstanding. But on line is spotty and their email system doesn't seem to work well.

I've signed up three times for "email specials" and called them about not getting them four times. Still no emails. What's up with that?

They are treating me like every woman in every bar....ignoring Faldo.

But the #1 reason Mike's Cigars is...well #1 in my book, is not the name. It is the place where you can find all the sizes of Licenciados Cigars all the time! As Beerhog and I say, if you can only have one cigar - this is it!

Check out this blog and enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

I don't know that Camcacho I had the other night was just scrumptious!!!