Saturday, February 25, 2012

Faldo Tourneys and NL Ring Games at MPP

Matchy’s Poker Palace does it up again! And Lauren Pope stopped by to watch the action.

We had six for the tournament and seven for the cash game after.

Beerhog won the tourney with Bob taking second. Faldo finished a distant 4th.

The big cash game winners were Jeremy and Beerhog.

Faldo’s last visit had a full table of ten, and the game Faldo missed in between this one and the last one also had ten players.

Great job Matchy! As Faldo knows all too well it is difficult to keep these things rolling sometimes.

By the way, anyone who would like to hook up an invite to MPP, let Faldo know. I will get you Matchy’s contact information to you. He has a nice group of players in his stable now, and the games are a lot of fun!

Faldo is looking into selecting a date for an NPP visit to a charity room for a tourney and/or cash game. Faldo’s free time schedule has been made a little busier with the re-involvement in chess.

But poker still commands the most time and effort (and money). Faldo will be researching the March tournament schedule.

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