Saturday, February 18, 2012

Faldo Finishes Second in a Rise Poker Tourney - again

I said SECOND - not Fourth!

Two hundred and seventy six players entered and Faldo took second!

The key hand was with 18 players left, Faldo correctly guessed that a nearly equal in chips, middle of the pack player did not have the flush that hit the river.

[Td Ad Tc 4h 3d] was the board. Faldo held (Ah 9h). Faldo called the all-n and busted the Villain with (As 7h). The nine played and Faldo was now in the top 4 in chips.

Btu some loses with a smaller flush, JJ, and a few failed attempts to eliminate some short stacks, Faldo fell back a little. But Villian #2 went on a heater and took four players out, leaving Faldo heads up, but short-stacked.

Faldo got eliminated after battling back heads up to near even.

A flop of [T39] gave Faldo top pair with (Tc 8c). Faldo made a pot size bet and was called. When a [7] hit the turn, Faldo moved all in and was called by Villain #2 with (K3).

A [K] of course hit the river.

But a 2nd place finish still was a confidence builder!


Cigar4John said...

Nice, but as stated in Tin Cup, nobody remembers 2nd place!

Anonymous said...

4th is where Faldo will be on the tee-box this to be him

Nik Faldo said...

I think it will suck to be me on the course this year.

Towards the end of last year, I was losing distance - BEFORE the surgery.

Good thing I take adversity on the golf course so well, eh?