Saturday, February 04, 2012

Faldo's Internet Record in January

This "Find Faldo's ball mark" training of possible Faldo caddies is exhausting Faldo.

But on to the internet tournament circuit results for January 2012: 28 tourneys, no wins, but 4 final tables; 9th, 6th, 5th and 3rd.

Sit n Go results were bleak compared to the last few months, but for some reason January seems to be a bad SNG month for Faldo historically. Wonder why? Maybe no reason. Maybe all this "caddie training."

I guess I could blame the lack of cashes on my recovery from the hospital stay, but my 1st place wins were up there. Maybe I was just "going for the gold" more often.

26 SNG's played with 5 wins, and 6 cashes (2nd's and 3rd's).

That is a 42.3% cash rate (goal = 45%), but a 19.2% win rate (goal = 15%).

My total January performance is a 36.1% cash rate, so I guess that is an improvement overall. Just not compared to the last few months. Total win rate in January stands at 12.2%, which is awful, even with this last January added in.

A superstar's goals are 20% win and 50% cashes in SNG's.

That is why Faldo shoots for 15 - 45.

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