Sunday, February 12, 2012

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder - Typical RINO Government Worker

In an interview with RINO (Republican In Name Only) Governor Rick Snyder of the Socialist Republic of Michigan – a state in the 3-year old Communist States of America – explains why the wonderful reforms taking place in other states by new real Republican governors suck.

Yes, the RINO Republican governor of one of the most run down, jobless, most underwater home and highest taxed state in the new CSA, explains to an AP (All-democrat Propaganda) reporter why the Republican governors that are returning their states to solvency have it all wrong.

“Policies in Wisconsin, Ohio, New Jersey and Indiana resulting in union protests are unfortunate. Contentious anti union legislation means that those states will have to overcome divisiveness and hard feelings in the future. My approach is to build consensus. Opposing parties should find areas of agreement and work on those, rather than pursue divisive legislation.”

The success in Wisconsin, Ohio, New Jersey and Indiana - obtained by BEATING state employee unions - seems to be lost on Michigan Governor Wussie Snyder.

Republican governors in other states are bravely dismantling decades of liberal policies, political cronyism, union featherbedding and theft, that have crippled their state’s economies, and held their budgets hostage.

In spite of outlandish and unchallenged unlawful protests and recall drives - funded by the unions - and with Democrat law makers fleeing the state to keep from having to do their jobs and take their losses like grown-ups, these brave Republican governors are winning, and making their states solvent even during the Obama Depression.

They are winning because they are doing the right thing. And the voters in those states are starting to realize just how badly they were robbed during the reign of the Democrats and how mismanaged public funds were.

True leadership is about courage to do the right thing in spite of criticism, not ‘consensus.” Consensus is the absence of leadership right out of the Obama Book of Management.

Do you ever hear Democrats talk about consensus when they win elections and have control of the congress and top spot in state or federal government? Of course not. They even ignore the laws they don’t like with impunity and appoint “top cops” that announce proudly that they will not arrest their ‘own people.”

Democrats only whine for “consensus” when liberalism is getting it’s ass kicked and being proved to be a loser and a freedom stealer.

All is quiet from the communist-mafia-thug ranks of the Michigan based unions. That is a warning bell my fellow patriots.

That is all you tax paying members of the Socialist Republic of Michigan need to know to realize that Governor Snyder is not doing his job worth a shit.

He is Jenny Granholm-Kilpatrick without nice legs - and without the wart on his face. But for the unions in the state of Michigan, he is bent over the governor desk in the same position Jenny always was.

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