Saturday, May 07, 2011

This Just In.......PokerStars Paid Me!

PokerStars gave me my cashout. At the risk of making some of you angry, this event will at least will leave Faldo in the black regardless of what happens at the other sites.

At PokerStars, I have covered the losses of several poker sites that went under and took my money with them; Tropical Poker, Jet Poker and Pacific Poker. And the money I threw away at Mansion Poker.

Now if I ever get any money out of FullTilt and UltimateBet / Absolute - it will be all bonus at this point.

Rumors are that UB/AP are planning on just stealing the US players money, but are just waiting a while before doing it.

The other news item floating around the BIG poker blogs is that FullTilt is in serious financial trouble and can't pay even if they wanted to. Of course these BIG poker blogs come up with this news AFTER the fact. I mean far be it from them to write the truth about people buying advertisement on their web sites.

There is main stream "cover up and hide the truth" media - even in the poker industry. Faldo posted that he thought Full Tilt was in trouble before our dictatorial government shut them down.

Now the Main Stream Poker Media is hiding the fact that first of all, the poker sites set themselves up for this shutdown by getting in bed with casinos. And the other cover up is that all of the "in the know" poker gurus knew FullTilt was a mess - and said NOTHING!

I don't see the likes of Wicked Chops Poker, Full Contact Poker, etc. bemoaning the loss of thousands of dollars on Full Tilt. I don't see interviews with even one of the 500,000 Full Tilt poker pros crying about their lost wages or betting bankrolls on that site.

All I am saying is the public is paying for this and the poker media is in bed with the thieves. Just like the main stream media and the Democrats propaganda arraingement.

I also am saying that PokerStars paid their players. If and when PokerStars is available again to US Players, why play anywhere else? I will stay loyal to BoDog too however, as they kept me sane thru the darkness.

Poker is still a "caveat en tempor" (buyer beware) industry and endeavor. These internet poker sites made it mainstrean and then still "bottom dealt" the public.

Except for PokerStars. God bless them.


Anonymous said...

Yeah right. Like Faldo had a surplus on Pokerstars!

k9 said...

I hear they paid accounts under $20.00 out first, Can you confirm that ?

Nik Faldo said...

Glad to see everyone believes in the Ungar-Reese talent level of Faldo at the poker table.

I am still wookin pa nub!

Anonymous said...

I just got my check in the mail today. Off to the bank to see if it worth the paper it is printed on!!

Stay tuned for an update.


Anonymous said...

I also got my check..


Anonymous said...

Well, it has been over a week and the funds from the PS check have not been yanked backed out of my checking account. So it looks like everything is as it should be..... I hope anyway.