Sunday, May 01, 2011

Faldo and the UB Challenge Continues

Here is a lucky charm for the Red Wings. I love to watch women cleaning...even a sheet of ice.

Despite the gestapo tactics of the Democrat Communist Regime of Barack Hussein Obama's Justice Department, the UB Challenge continued on!

Money cannot be deposited, withdrew or transferred on UB, but I was still able to play in some SNG's.

The results for the month of April:
Wagered $19.92 for a profit of $8.70

This means the $9 starting bankroll has grown to $50.79 !

I'd like to thank all the little people...who made this all possible for me.
I said I'd like to thank them. But I can't.
I did it all myself!!!

I have one more month of bankroll building (hopefully I can play on the site and hopefully I will be successful) - May. In June, the $9 MUST BET will be used for multi-table tournaments where I will try for a big score to grow the bankroll.

The reason for this challenge was to use a live example of how to bankroll your way to profit, then try for a big score with some of the winnings. Let's see what happens.

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